Production Staff
ProducersChip Piatti
Assistant ProducerManon Revel
DirectorDavid Favela '18
Assistant DirectorKim Dauber '18
Vocal DirectorKim Dauber '18
Music DirectorLindsey Wang '16
Orchestra DirectorLindsey Wang '16
ChoreographersCarrie Fowle '18
Assistant ChoreographerLauren Schexnayder '20
Stage ManagersPhoebe Piercy '20
Rachael Devlin '18
King ArthurPaul Gallagher G
Lady of the LakeElisa Boles '18
PatsyKali Rosendo G
Sir LancelotLuis Orrego '13
Sir RobinLizzie Mears
Sir GalahadAlejandro Vientos
Sir BedevereSharon Lin '21
Prince HerbertSammy Luo '18
Not-Dead-FredEmily Rosser '12ish
Mayor of FinlandAmelia Smith '17
MinstrelAllison Elder G
French TaunterRaine Hasskew '17
FrenchieStephanie Wooler
Lead Knight of NiAmelia Smith '17
Tim the EnchanterEmily Rosser '12ish
Sir BorsStephanie Wooler
Prince Herbert's FatherAmelia Smith '17
The Black KnightBertie Ancona '18
Brother MaynardBertie Ancona '18
Sir Not-Appearing-In-This ShowBertie Ancona '18
ConcordeRaine Hasskew '17
Dancing MonkAlejandro Vientos
Dancing NunLizzie Mears
Galahad's MotherDavid Mejorado

Performances will be in
La Sala De Puerto Rico

November 10, 11 at 8 PM; November 12 at 2 PM; November 16-18 at 8 PM

Tickets are
$6 - MIT and Wellesley students
$10 - MIT faculty, staff, and community; all other students; seniors and children
$15 - General public

Discounts available for groups of 10 or more people.
Payment in cash is strongly preferred.

Reserve tickets online.

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