The cast admonishes the audience that "Something Funny's Going On". (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

The boarders (Cole Houston '15, Brett Jordan, Michael Greshko G, Melanie Abrams '17, and Christina Wettersten '15) examine Harry's Telegram. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Harry and uncle ensure their fellow train passengers that it's "Good to be Alive". (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Harry and Annabel confront each other in "Dogs vs. You". (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Dominique Du Monaco (Allison Hamilos G) and her backup dancers. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Rita thinks of her potential future life with Tony. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Harry and Annabel share a toast before parting ways. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Tony Hendon (Geoff Hegg '16) recounts his the death of his best friend Luigi. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Rita and Tony during the "Bows". (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Harry Witherspoon (Michael Greshko G) imagines an exciting vacation away from his dreary shoe store. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

The Solicitor (Rachel McDermott '15) introduces the Body (Matt Iovino '17) to Harry. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

The bellhop (Patience Stevens '16) enthusiastically gives uncle his favorite champagne. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Rita calls around to local hotels, while Vinnie tries to appease his angry wife. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Dominique invites the audience to try "Speaking French" with her. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Prosperous Man (Cole Houston '15) and the Croupier (Emily TenCate '15) drag a protesting Vinnie away. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

After losing uncle, Harry has a nightmare about returning to his former life. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Dominique and Vinnie enter, guns drawn, and steal the mysterious heart-shaped box. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

The Landlady (Brett Jordan) and Spinster (Melanie Abrams '17) examine a telegram meant for Mr. Witherspoon. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Rita LaPorta (Tobi Amos '15) explains the circumstances of her lover Tony's death to her cousin, Vinnie DiRuzzio (Josh Scherrer '18), in "Rita's Confession". (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Annabel Glick (Carrie Fowle '18) takes detailed notes on Harry's activities with his uncle. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

The Emcee (Matt Peairs G) extols the wonders of "Monte Carlo". (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Annabel, in a moment of quiet reflection. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

The Nun (Cole Houston '15) mistakes a Leper (David Favela '18) for Harry's uncle. (credit: Staly Chin '15)

Rita holds Harry at gunpoint as she takes the body. (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Annabel, Harry, and the cast assure that, after all, it's still "Good to be Alive". (credit: Alexander C. Bost)

Performances were in
La Sala De Puerto Rico

January 30-31 and February 5-7 at 8 PM, and February 1 at 2 PM

Production Staff, Orchestra, and Cast