Gordon (Paul Giragos) works on his next song. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Gordon (Paul Giragos) and his mother (Heather Doering '05) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Gordon (Paul Giragos) and Roger (Kenny Kamrin G) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Gordon (Paul Giragos) listens to Mr. Bungee (David Poland '04) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The waitress (Nicolina Akraboff '07) extols the virtue of "Calamari" to Rhoda (Cinda Lavely) and Gordon (Paul Giragos) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Roger (Kenny Kamrin G) would rather be "Sailing" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Sitting in the Lee of Cuttyhunk" (left to right): Kenny Kamrin G, TR Jordan '07 (front), Mike Rolish '04 (back), Jennifer Braun '02, Heather Doering '05 (back), Arthur Fitzmaurice '03/SM'04, Cinda Lavely, Paul Giragos, Nicolina Akraboff '07 (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Cast photo (left to right): Cinda Lavely, Jennifer Braun '02 (kneeling), Heather Doering '05, Kenny Kamrin G, Paul Giragos, David Poland '04, Nicolina Akraboff '07, Arthur Fitzmaurice '03/SM'04, TR Jordan '07 (kneeling), Mike Rolish '04 (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Gordo's Law of Genetics" (left to right): Paul Giragos (background, in bed), Cinda Lavely, Nicolina Akraboff '07, Mike Rolish '04 (behind Nikki), TR Jordan '07 (kneeling), Heather Doering '05, Arthur Fitzmaurice '03/SM'04, Jennifer Braun '02. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Dr. Berensteiner (Mike Rolish '04) and Nurse Nancy (Nicolina Akraboff '07) discuss the prognosis for Gordon (Paul Giragos) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Performances were in
Kresge Little Theatre

April 23-24, 29-30, and May 1, 2004 at 8pm; April 25th at 2pm

Production Staff, Cast, and Orchestra