The Sheriff (Welkin Pope) takes custody of the Bat Boy from Rick (Pete Chambers) and Ron (Heather Doering). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The townspeople discuss "Another Dead Cow". (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The Sheriff (Welkin Pope) listens on as Mrs. Taylor (TR Jordan, standing) comforts Ron (Heather Doering), Ruthie (Nicolina Akraboff), and Rick (Pete Chambers). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Comfort and Joy" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Shelley (Nori Pritchard) and Meredith (ML Peters) plan a "Three Bedroom House". (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Shelley (Nori Pritchard) and Edgar (David Poland) share a tender moment in the woods. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The townspeople argue the fate of Edgar. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Rev. Hightower (Noelani Kamelamela) tries to heal the Bat Boy (David Poland). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Soundmaster Monty (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The Deputy (Joe Lowery, left) and Sheriff (Welkin Pope, green jacket) hand the Bat Boy (David Poland, in bag) to Shelley (Nori Pritchard) and Meredith (ML Peters, right). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Dr. Parker (Paul Giragos) reminisces with Meredith (ML Peters). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Meredith (ML Peters) teaches Edgar the Bat Boy (David Poland) to read. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The townspeople make "A Joyful Noise". (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Dawn Erickson and Todd Radford take their vicious hunting dogs Muffin (as herself) and Mr. Princess Snugglebutt (Siris) on a hunt for the Bat Boy. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Edgar (David Poland) makes an "Apology to a Cow". (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Shelley (Nori Pritchard, kneeling) comforts Edgar (David Poland) after the death of her parents. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

DZ and the Joyful Noiz! (Jeremy Nimmer, Stephen Peters, Dennis Miaw, Sue Swalley, David Zych) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Children, Children", with Pan (Joe Lowery, up center), Shelley and Edgar (Nori Pritchard and David Poland, center), surrounded by helpful forest creatures. And a lobster. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Meredith (ML Peters, left) and Shelley (Nori Pritchard) decide on a name for the Bat Boy (David Poland, center). (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Bat Boy (David Poland) and Dr. Parker (Paul Giragos), surrounded by scary voices, reach a mutual detente. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Dr. Parker (Paul Giragos), Shelley (Nori Pritchard) and Meredith (ML Peters) test Edgar (David Poland) on his knowledge. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Rick (Pete Chambers, right) decides to take a vote about the fate of the Bat Boy. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Mrs. Taylor (TR Jordan, kneeling) grieves over the death of her son while townspeople (Edmund Golaski, Joe Lowery, Heather Doering, Welkin Pope) look on. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Meredith (ML Peters) and Dr. Parker (Paul Giragos) recall the origins of the Bat Boy. (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Hold Your Bat Boy" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Jamez Kirtley, Heather Brundage, and Erin McLaughlin in the "booth". (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Performances were in
La Sala De Puerto Rico

January 30-31, February 5-7, 2004 at 8pm; February 1 matinee at 2pm

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