J. Pierrepont Finch (Matt Stern) reads from his book, "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Finch (Matt Stern) consults the book for his next step (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The firm's executives (Aaron Moronez, Jon Blum, David Glasser, Darrell Cain, Greg Lohman, Todd Radford, Dave Berger) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Holly Laird, Meghan Harris (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Hedy (Zehra Fazal) shows off her "Paris original" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Hedy (Zehra Fazal) surprises Finch (Matt Stern) in the boss's office (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Cinderella Darling": Janet Lierberman, Kathleen McEnnis, Penny Cox, Michelle Fogerson, Nikki Akraboff, Holly Laird, Meagan Froemming, Meghan Harris (credit: Jax Kirtley)

(credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Brotherhood of Man": Matt Stern, Mike Rolish, David Glasser, Jon Blum, Todd Radford, Aaron Moronez, Dave Berger, Darrell Cain, Greg Lohman (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The World Wide Widget Corporation (credit: Jax Kirtley)

J. B. Biggley (Mike Rolish) relaxes with a calming hobby (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Hedy La Rue (Zehra Fazal) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Rosemary (Nikki Akraboff) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Paris Original" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Rosemary (Nikki Akraboff) and Finch (Matt Stern) share a romantic moment (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Biggley (Aaron Moronez) and Hedy (Zehra Fazal) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The new World Wide Wicket Treasure Girl (Zehra Fazal) is introduced to the executives (credit: Jax Kirtley)

"Brotherhood of Man" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The staff takes a coffee break (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Mr. Twimble (Todd Radford) sings about "The Company Way" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Biggley (Mike Rolish) and Finch (Matt Stern) sing "Grand Old Ivy" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Finch (Matt Stern) meets his new secretary Hedy La Rue (Zehra Fazal) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

New VP of Marketing Ovington (Aaron Moronez) makes a speech (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Finch (Matt Stern) and Rosemary (Nikki Akraboff) declare their love while Hedy (Zehra Fazal) looks on (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The executives plot the downfall of Finch (Matt Stern, center) during "Gotta Stop That Man" (credit: Jax Kirtley)

CEO Womper (Todd Radford) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

The "How to Succeed" orchestra (led by vocal director Cinda) (credit: Jax Kirtley)

Performances were in
La Sala De Puerto Rico

December 3-4, 9-11, 2004 at 8pm, December 5 matinee at 2pm

Production Staff, Cast, and Orchestra