Production Staff
ProducerHeather Brundage '06
Stephanie Cavagnaro-Wong '06
DirectorTodd Radford G
Music DirectorKyriakos Zavoleas C
ChoreographerNori Pritchard '06
Technical DirectorAlex Flagg French '05
Stage ManagerCinda Lavely
Set DesignerMelissa Breglio
Lighting DesignerColleen Harty
Costume DesignerRogue Shindler
Sound DesignerAlex Flagg French '05
Publicity DesignerJacqueline Kirtley '96
Properties ManagerHeather Dunn SM'00
Master ElectricianBrian Wong '03
Lighting and Electric GuruJamez Kirtley '94
Publicity ManagerHeather Dunn SM'00
Advertising ManagerRich Reifsnyder '03
Program LayoutBrian Wong '03
Run Crew ChiefHeather Dunn SM'00
CartographerMike Stage G
Reservations ManagerStephanie Cavagnaro-Wong '06
Box Office ManagerAlex Flagg French '05
House ManagersCaitlin Q. Marlow '03
Arthur Fitzmaurice '03
Light Board OperatorHeather Brundage '06
Follow Spot OperatorsCatherine Howell '03
Colleen Harty
Rehearsal PianistSue Swalley
Audition PianistStephen Peters G
Assistant ProducerRogue Shindler
Assistant Music DirectorDave Berger C
Assistant Stage ManagerJennifer Braun '03
Assistant Lighting DesignerTanis O'Connor '02
Assistant Costume DesignerDerek Herrera '92
Nori Pritchard '06
Assistant Publicity ManagerRich Reifsnyder '03
Publicity CrewWelkin Pope G
Steven Flowers '06
Light CrewJen Berk '01
Heather Brundage '06
Set CrewMonty '93
Proven C
Jen Berk '01
Sarah McDougal '00
Heather Dunn SM'00
Colleen Harty
Rich Reifsnyder '03
Mark Rousculp '94
Catherine Howell '03
Robert Morrison '96
The Cast
Run CrewPete Chambers G
Monty '93
Colleen Harty
Jen Berk '01
Melissa Breglio
Ken Takusagawa G
Erin McLaughlin '03
CatererRogue Shindler
Mr. BoddySteven Flowers '06
Mrs. PeacockStephanie Cavagnaro-Wong '06
Prof. PlumAlan Meisler '90
Miss ScarletWelkin Pope G
Col. MustardEdmvnd W. Golaski '99
Mrs. WhiteTanis O'Connor '02
Mr. GreenTimothy Abrahamsen '06
The DetectiveNori Pritchard '06

CelloTerry Gaige '04
PercussionElliot Brandow
KeyboardsMichael Dewberry '00
PianoKyriakos Zavoleas C

Performances were in
Kresge Little Theatre

April 25-26, May 1-3, 2003 at 8pm, April 27th at 2pm

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Production Photos are available.