Credits and Background


Matthew Gray

This is me. I am the maintainer of these pages. See my homepage for full details. I am the author of the Wanderer, founder and former Chief Technologist at net.Genesis. I am currently a senior at MIT studying physics.

Network Wizards

Network Wizards provided much of the data on Internet Growth.

NSFNET at Merit

Merit Network, Inc. has provided much of the data on backbone usage found in the Web Growth Summary.


MIT's computing environment and resources have been ever valuable in my continuing research.


Without SIPB I may have never become so involved in the web.


The Wanderer

In Spring of 1993, I wrote the Wanderer to systematically traverse the Web and collect sites. I was initially motivated primarily to discover new sites, as the Web was still a relatively small place. The Wanderer was the primary tool for collection of data to measure the growth of the web. It was the first automated Web agent or "spider". The Wanderer was first functional in spring of 1993 and performed regular traversals of the Web from June 1993 to January 1996.
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