Communication Systems (undergraduate), fall 2008, 09,10,11,12,13 (Northeastern Univ. EECE4572)

   Wireless Communication Systems (undergraduate/graduate), spring 2011,12,13 (Northeastern Univ. ECE5576)

   Special Topics in Communications (graduate), spring 2010 (Northeastern Univ. EECE7347)

   Linear Systems (undergraduate), spring 2009 (Northeastern Univ. ECEU464)

   Communication Networks (undergraduate), spring 1997, 98, 99 (Northeastern Univ. ECE1458)

   Probability and Stochastic Processes (graduate), winter 1999 (Northeastern Univ. ECE3241)

   Wireless Communications (graduate), winter 1998, 99 (Northeastern Univ. ECE3559)

   Advanced Topics in Communications (graduate), winter 1996, 97 (Northeastern Univ. ECE3554)

   Digital Communications (graduate), winter 1995 (Northeastern Univ. ECE3351)

   Communication Systems Engineering (undergraduate), spring 2001 (MIT 16.682)

   Space Communication Networks (graduate), fall 2000 (MIT 6.976/16.399)

   Wireless Underwater Communications: A Short Course (graduate), spring 2006 (Univ. of Padova, Italy)