Maxime Cohen



Revenue Management & Pricing, Sustainability and Data Analytics

Publications and Working Papers


  • Decentralized Algorithms for Sequential Network Time Synchronization
    Proc. NETCOOP 2010–4th Workshop on Network Control and Optimization, Ghent, Belgium, Dec. 2010, pp. 97-104.
    (with Nahum Shimkin) (Download pdf)

  • Sunsailor: Solar Powered UAV
    Proc. 47th Israel Annual Conf. on Aerospace Sciences, Feb. 2007. Winner of the 2007 Technion Creativity in Science and Technology competition.
    (with S. Tsach, L. Ankri, Y. Ehrlich, T. Goldenberg, H. Levy, I. Regev, A. Vladimirsky, A. Weider and Z. Yossef) (Download pdf)