Leonid Levitov

Room 345 Bldg 6C, Condensed Matter Theory, Tel: (617) 253 6817; Fax: (617) 253 2562; Email: levitov_at_mit.edu,
Address: Physics Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 6C-345, 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA02139

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Since 1993

Research highlights, popular material:

Harnessing chirality for valleytronics (Science perspective)
Physicists find a new way to push electrons around (valley currents in graphene)
Single electrons pop out of the Fermi sea (Research News and Views, Nature)
New 'leviton' quasiparticle spotted by physicists (Physics World)
Graphene yields evidence of atomic collapse (Physics Today)
Predicted state of atomic collapse seen for first time
Three simple questions about graphene (Aeroflot Premium Magazine)
Graphene shows unusual thermoelectric response to light
Spectroscopy, with amplitude
Farey numbers, deformable lattices and phyllotaxis

Recent talks:
Scaling Anomaly and Atomic Collapse
FTPI meeting (Minneapolis 2013)
A New Mechanism for Coulomb Drag in Graphene
APS March meeting (Baltimore 2013)
Spontaneously Ordered Electronic States in Graphene
Simons Symposium: Quantum Physics Beyond Simple Systems, 2012
Quantum noise as an entanglement meter
Landau conference (2008)
Supercritical Imputities: Atomic Collapse in Graphene (Oct 2012)
How much number theory do you have to know to be a sunflower? (Haifa 2007)

Research Interests. Samples of current projects.
- Quantum transport
- Solid-state quantum computing
- Cold atoms, exciton BEC
- Quantum noise
- Growth and pattern formation

Current teaching: Quantum Theory 8.322

Past teaching: Coherent and collective phenomena in quantum transport ; Many-Body Theory ; Statistical Physics II

Textbook: Green's functions. Theory and practice.

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Leonid Levitov