Sing-Along to the filks of

Arisia 2011, Sunday 12:30pm, Lewis Room

Real-World Characters

  • Skin Horse, the webcomic, on
  • Shaenon Garrity (co-author and artist, Arisia GOH) has a website
  • Flight Recordings, Jeffrey Channing Wells (co-author) has a blog
  • Everyday Heroes, Ed Gedeon (most prolific filker) has a webcomic, too
  • Dr. Snark, Paul Estin (session co-leader) has a band
  • Stranger Ways, Nat Budin (session co-leader) has a band, too
  • Ariela Zonderman (session co-leader) doesn't have a band
  • Skin Horse books and art are available online at The Couscous Store
  • In-Comic Characters

    (From the Skin Horse cast page)

    Dr. Dennis "Tip" Wilkin
    No one who served with Captain Wilkin in the U.S. Army can criticize his integrity or his dedication to his country. However, many have criticized his equal, if not greater, dedication to dressing in women's clothing.
    Official Bio
    Frankly, the secret federal bioweapons program responsible for U.N.I.T.Y. was better at coming up with acronyms than super-soldiers.
    Official Bio
    Created by a Canadian mad scientist as part of a plan to conquer the United States with packs of vicious, intelligent genetically-engineered dogs, Sweetheart has proven a loyal public servant to her adoptive country.
    Official Bio
    Moustachio the Thinkonium
    Moustachio is a Victorian clockwork man with a Dark & Shocking Past. He currently works as the receptionist at Skin Horse. (Is there any reason why this department has to be staffed with employees designed for mass slaughter?)
    Official Bio
    Gavotte is a swarm of bees. She is the chief of Skin Horse.
    Official Bio
    Nicholas Zerhakker
    As part of a now abandoned DoD project, a human brain was implanted in an experimental VTOL/STOL tiltrotor aircraft.
    Official Bio
    (Nick has a Livejournal)

    Supporting Cast:

  • Dr. Virginia Lee
    Official Bio
  • Konstantin
    (no Official Bio) Konstantin now works as a security guard at "Annex One", where Skin Horse is located.
  • Captain Bram
    (no Official Bio)
  • Chris and Marcie, of the Department of Irradiation
    (no Official Bio) The Department of Irradiation is located in the same building as Skin Horse. Its members irradiate stuff for work, and game in their free time.
  • Dr. Berenice "Tigerlily" Jones
    (no Official Bio)
  • On, to the filks!