Drawing the Blockchain

This is correct

One of my major pet peeves in presentations about the blockchain is that most people seem to draw the arrows/pointers in the incorrect direction.

Pointers should point from newer blocks to older blocks. This is because in a blockchain, each block is immutable so it would be impossible to update older blocks to point to newer ones. This is also in line with most singly linked list representations. Because it can be confusing, it’s always best to include reference heights for extra clarity.

Visiting Japan

I’m visiting Japan for two weeks to help teach BC-2 at Digital Garage.

I’m very excited to have the chance to explore Tokyo and hope to make many new friends while out here!

Hopefully I can fill in a few details about my trip as I go…

tail -f /var/log/life

I’m hoping to start blogging more frequently – consider this the first post. I’m going to fill in some back-dated posts though.

Graduating MIT


I'm the biggest nerd

Well, I did it: I graduated MIT with my S.B. and M.Eng in 4 years! And apparently I was the most joyously nerdy.

Scaling Bitcoin

Part One

I’m honored to be serving as Program Chair for the first ever Scaling Bitcoin in Montreal.

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