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Dance Repertoire

This is a list of the dances currently in Red Herring Morris's repertoire. Image files are included for some of the tunes that are not in Lionel Bacon's A Handbook of Morris Dances. Tunes were typeset using abc2ps. MIDI files were produced using abc2midi. MP3s are of Jeff Bigler on fiddle.


Red Herring dances Sherborne in a style derived from the Sherborne Morris Men, circa 1993-96, as taught to us by Tim Radford.

Hankie Dances:

  • Cuckoo's Nest (MIDI) (MP3)
  • Over the Hills and Far Away (MIDI) (MP3)
  • Orange and Blue (a.k.a. The Orange in Bloom) (MIDI)
  • Trunkles (MIDI)
  • How Do You Do? (MIDI)
  • Monk's March (MIDI)

Stick Dances:

  • Constant Billy (MIDI)

Duns Tew

The Duns Tew "tradition" was created at a workshop in Sidmouth, England in 1985 or 1986. The village of Duns Tew is roughly equidistant from the villages of Adderbury, Kirtlington and Bucknell; the Duns Tew style pulls in elements of each of these styles. Red Herring learned the style from Rebecca Jordan, who learned it from Jocelyn Reynolds.

Hankie Dances:

  • Seaside Shuffle: Created at the Sidmouth workshop. Tune is None So Pretty (Fieldtown), which is a variant of Constant Billy. (MIDI)
  • Bungalow Bill: Created at the Sidmouth workshop. The "traditional" tune is Banbury Bill (Bampton), though we usually use Ladies' Pleasure (Bledington). (MIDI file)
  • The Wheat Sheaf: Dance by team member Rob Berra. Tune written by team member Chris Ricciotti. (MIDI)

Stick dances:

  • Froggy's First Jump: Adapted from the Fieldtown dance by Paul Handford of Thames Valley International. Tune is Froggy's First Jump, by Dave Whetstone of the Albion Band. (MIDI file)
  • The Gallant Weaver: Adapted from the Bledington dance by the late Peter Redgate, of Green Fiddle Morris. Tune (and lyrics) by Robert Burns, 1791. (MIDI file)
  • Shooting: written by team member Jeff Bigler. Tune is When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
  • Banks of the Swere: This is actually an arm-clashing dance that was created at the Sidmouth workshop. Tune is Banks of the Dee (Fieldtown).

Border Dances

Red Herring added border dances to its repertoire starting in 2006. Our border dances are from several sources, via the now-defunct MOTley Morris.

  • Woodhouse Bog: (also known as Boghouse Door). This dance came to us from Kearn Morris, via Merrie Mac Morris and MOTley Morris. Tune is the Keel Row. (MP3)
  • Morning Glory: (also known as Farmer's Glory). Original dance & tune by Andy Anderson of Red Stags Morris. (MP3)
  • Mr Dolly: Original dance by Andy Anderson of Red Stags Morris. Tune is George Green's College Hornpipe. (MP3)
  • Over the Top: Dance & tune written for MOTley Morris by team member Jeff Bigler. (MP3)
  • Border Crossing: Dance written by team members Rickland Powell, Jeff Keller, and Jeff Bigler. Tune is I Fought the Law (and the Law Won), made famous by the Bobby Fuller Four

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