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2007 "Kettle of Fish" Ale

Saturday, May 12, 2007, Quincy, Mass. and Vicinity


Times Description
10:30-12:00 Massed stand at the Thomas Crane Public Library
12:00-12:45 Lunch at the Dorothy Quincy Homestead
Tour A Tour B Tour C
1:00-2:00 Marina Bay Dorothy Quincy Homestead Adams Academy
2:00-3:15 pub stop: The Chantey pub stop: Fowler House Café pub stop: Blackwater Tavern
3:30-4:45 massed stand at Caddy Park
5:00-7:00 dinner at Bad Abbots.


The following teams are planning to attend:

Believe it or not, we can still accommodate more teams even at the last minute, so please contact us if your team would like to attend.

Massed Dances

Massed dances will be chosen from the following:

  • Bampton: Highland Mary
  • Field Town: Balance the Straw, Step Back
  • Bledington: Morning Star, Young Collins
  • Adderbury: Lads-a-Bunchum, South Australia
  • Litchfield: Vandals of Hammerwich
  • Dawley (a border dance)


The ale will be held at Camp Sayre, a Boy Scout camp in Milton, Mass. Follow this link for directions to camp and to the first stand. We also have a Google Map of tour stops.

You might also want to check our suggested packing list.


Meals will be provided for ale attendees, including breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and a feast on Saturday evening at Bad Abbots in Quincy. (Because most teams go to Doyle's Pub after the Lilac Sunday tour, we will not be providing a separate dinner on Sunday.)

Picnic lunches will be provided for Saturday and Sunday day attendees, with an option to also join us for the feast.


The ale fee is $60 per adult for the full weekend, and $40 for Saturday only (including the feast). Children (ages 5-17) are half price.


We will have T-shirts commemorating this year's ale ($13), but unfortunately, the T-shirts will not be ready until after the ale. We will take T-shirt orders at the ale, and mail the shirts afterwards. The T-shirt design is:

(Please ignore the white artifacts in the image. The image will be screened onto red shirts, so the graphic was created without any red. The above is the result of a non-artist trying to dump red color into the image with a clunky paint program.)


The weather forecast for Quincy and vicinity looks good, but we'll be keeping an eye on it anyway. Assuming the weather looks good or even marginal, we'll proceed as scheduled. If the weather is dreadful (such as the 10 inches of rain we had last year!), we'll have a backup plan.

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