The Rose


from A Handbook of Morris Dances by Lionel Bacon, copyright 1974. Reprinted without permission.

Sequence: OY;HR;WH;HR;WH;HR;WH

HR - 1st time - ordinary

2nd time - 3 fore capers (starting on the right foot) around the circle, closing in on the 3rd. Final step is replaced by a wide back-step. In bars 7-8, left wide back-step, foot-together-jump, and a ``slow feint step'' (right), all done facing into the circle and backing out from the centre, but turning out (counter-clockwise) on the feint-step. Repeat back to home position, starting on the left foot.

3rd time - ditto, but with upright capers.

Whole Hey: as usual, but with galleys inward at the end in place of hop-backs.

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