Lass of Richmond Hill

This dance was written by Martin Johnson of the Hammersmith Morris Men.

Originally written in the style of Longborough. We have adapted it to Fieldtown.


First, the tops, then middles, then bottoms each perform the following sequence in turn, to the "B" music:
open sidestep left, open sidestep right, galley left, galley right
Next, everyone progresses on two measures of the appropriate step. The tops move outside and down to the bottom of the set. The middles and bottoms move up one place. Everyone galleys out into their new place.

The progressions are:
  1. sidesteps ("C" music)
  2. forrie capers ("beetle crushers") ("D" music)
  3. whole capers ("upright capers") ("D" music)
  4. leapfrogs ("D" music)--instead of a progression, the bottoms leap over the middles and then the tops, to finish at the top of the set, and everyone ends with 4 plain capers.

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