Jockey to the Fair

This dance was written by Paul Handford, foreman of Thames Valley International.


Each corner, in turn, performs the following sequence to the "B" music:

"Something distinctive" is:

  1. struts (swagger-step) ("B" music)
  2. plain capers ("B" music)
  3. forrie capers ("beetle crushers") ("C" music)
  4. whole capers ("upright capers") ("C" music)

Bacon-Style Notation

(This notation is from Thames Valley International's TVI-Invented Dances page. In the event of discrepancies, the TVI page is the authoritative source.)


CF: Long HR

DF: ss/4/ss/4/ in place; 4/4/ to cross corners; 4PC in opp. cnr.: out, right in, in. Remaining music, track into centre and back out as follows:
DF1: lr/salute/hb/sj.
DF2: RL/RL/hb/sj.
DF3: HC/HC/hb/sj.
DF4: UC/UC/hb/sj. As 3rd. couples withdraw, all make circle for HR.

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