The Gentleman Soldier

This dance is attributed to Roy Dommett. We learned it via Alaister Brown, of Thames Valley International, New London, Ontario.


One dancer steps into the center during bar 5; the other dancers form a circle around him/her. For the first chorus, this will be No. 1; for the second, No. 2; for the third, No. 6, and for the fourth, No. 5.

In bars 6-10, the dancer in the middle clashes (always with tip, forehand then backhand) with his/her corner, then moves one person clockwise in each bar. Everyone else clashes with the person who is available.

For example, in the first chorus, No. 1 steps into the middle and clashes in order with No. 6, 5, 3, 2 and 4. On the first clash (while No. 1 is clashing with No. 6), No's. 3 and 5 clash, and No's. 2 and 4 clash. On the second clash, (while No. 1 is clashing with No. 5) No's. 3 and 2 clash, and No's. 4 and 5 clash. etc.

In bar 11, everyone does a right galley into a set.

The chorus does not repeat.

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