Middlesex Morris


Schedule and Directions

Saturday, May 24, 1997

This schedule is by no means rigid--it's meant to be a guideline.

10:00am-11:45am: Dancing at Samuel Adams Park, Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

To get there via MBTA:

  1. Take the MBTA Green Line or Blue Line to Government Center.
  2. Exit the T station and walk down the stairs to the right of Boston City Hall.
  3. We're dancing in Samuel Adams Park, which is where the statue of Samuel Adams is, just across Congress Street, in front of the Faneuil Hall building.

Driving directions for the first stand (via a parking lot at MIT and then the MBTA) are also available.

12:00pm-1:30pm: Lunch & pub stop at the Commonwealth Brewing Company.

To get there from Faneuil Hall:

  1. Turn right on Congress Street. Walk approximately three blocks, passing under the parking garage.
  2. Walk past the gas station and then continue straight on Portland Street.
  3. Commonwealth Brewing Company is on the left, at 138 Portland Street

1:45pm-3:00pm: Dancing at Copley Plaza.

To get there from the Commonwealth Brewing Company:

  1. Go out the front door of the Commonwealth Brewing Company and turn left on Portland Street.
  2. At the end of Portland Street, turn right on Causeway Street.
  3. When you get to the North Station T station (across the street from the Fleet Center), walk through the turnstiles, up the stairs, and over to the green line inbound platform.
  4. Take the Green Line to Copley.
  5. When you exit from the station, cross Dartmouth St. and head for the grassy area between the Boston Public Library and Trinity Church.
  6. We're dancing in the brick area.

3:15pm-5:00pm: Dancing at Boston Common.

To get there from Copley Square:

  1. Take the MBTA Green Line to Park Street.
  2. Come out of the MBTA station, turn around 180 degrees, and walk along Tremont Street past the information booth.
  3. We're dancing next to "Brewer Fountain".

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