Teaching Theory

Bring a five to fifteen page current research paper for your colleagues to read over the course of a week. Lead a discussion of the reading during the following week.

You may get ideas for topics by reviewing the results of our Student Survey. Some places you might look to find research results are:

Feel free to bring excerpts of longer papers or books if you feel that the excerpt provides sufficient information for discussion. Try to limit submissions to topics unique to mathematics classrooms; you will attend many education courses but this may be your only mathematics education course.

The table below indicates how Teaching Theory discussions will be graded on a scale of 0 to 10, where 9 is an A and 7 is a B. Your grade will be reduced by 1 if you do not provide handouts for your classmates, and by one point for each day it is late. (So you would lose 7 points for emailing your classmates a URL on the day before the discussion.)

Grade Article Quality   Discussion
5 Article is easy to read and contains useful information new to most classmates. 5 Discussion leader has selected key points for discussion and successfully encourages other students to share their opinions on these points.
4 Article is from a respected source and contains useful information directly relevant to mathematics education. 4 Discussion leader is familiar with the article; most students in the class contribute to the discussion.
2 Article is not specific to mathematics and/or is more of an opinion piece than a research document. 2 Discussion leader seems uncertain about the article or allows lengthy diversions from the original topic.
0 There is no article. 0 Discussion leader is not present.

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