I made this!

The Mahoney coat of arms is one of my earliest attempts at computer graphics. The tara icon was the earliest, although the current version (below) is the result of subsequent modifications.

Take a look at this picture of Fireworks over the Charles River. taken by a friend in July 1994 (or was it by me, with a friend's camera? I forget.) I made a painting of it and put it in my gallery.

My Picture Gallery is mostly scanned in artwork.

My Photo Gallery shows how hard to see I am, and what some of my friends look like.

I've made some attempts to explain Irish music, dance, and art to my friends, but I'm hardly an expert (and I never quite finished writing them).

I was team photographer for the MIT Ballroom Dance Team for a while and there were a bunch of my photographs on their pages, though they may be gone by now. It was strictly an amateur undertaking, and they're not great.