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This is the "guest book" I made for for Jan & Andrea's wedding, October 2004. Unable to come up with any clever ideas for wedding gifts, I offered to make them a guest book as I had for Laura & Jerry. It's similar in style to the the one I made for them -- a ribbon bound, stab binding -- but with some technical improvements. No doubt the next one will be even better. I'm pleased with the hand-made guest books as a wedding present. You see, making books is fun, but I never know what to put in them. Photos? Stories? I could leave them blank, but how many blank books does a person need? Well, one if you're having a wedding!

1-Materials 2-Cover embroidery 3-Finished book 4-Inside first page
5-First page closeup 6-Signature and photo page 7-Closeup of binding 8-Deckled pages
9-Example page
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