Guest Book for Laura and Jerry

These are pictures of the guest book I made for Laura and Jerry for a wedding present, with notes on the construction.

Making the Covers


Finished Book

Here is it is, all sewn up and with the double happiness chop attached. (Humorous side note: I originally had top and bottom mixed up, but just randomly happened on a piture of it right side up before I actually attached it. Embarassment averted, whew!)

The finished Guest book

Post Processing

Since there were extra pages in the book, I decided to take advantage of the reversible nature of the binding and the stack of pictures from the disposable cameras on the tables at the wedding and shivaree by unbinding and re-binding the book. I spread the blank pages around and tried to get pictures of the people signing the book near their messages whenever possible. I added some sheets of vellum as separators between pages with lots of photos. [Photos]