The Leland Vision Statement

My high school recently redesigned its web page. The most prominent feature, located near the top of their home page, was the Leland Vision Statement, reading (and refuted) as follows:

Leland Vision Statement: With a tradition of excellence,

No comment. It's been their motto as long as I've been there.

the Leland High community, a leader in communication and technology,

Yup...with the unfunded radio station, the underfunded speech and debate team, and the fortunately self-sufficient newspaper, definitely a leader in communication...and did I hear you say those were 286's in the computer lab?

challenges and empowers students

No!!! Not empowers!!! What does that mean, anyways?

to shape the future in an everchanging global landscape

If we ever had an idea the administration didn't know what it was talking about...

through developing creative and critical thought,

I'm sure. Academia has always been quite liberal and open towards accepting new opinions and views, I realize. Right. Whatever.

providing multi-faceted learning opportunities

Now, children...this is how we deal with the administration...

and fostering reciprocal relationships.

I have my own little thoughts on high school relationships, which may eventually win their own page. For now, though, let's just say that rampant PDA's and generic week-long relationships tend not to be particularly productive...but I shouldn't go off on that. Really. I'll get myself in trouble.

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