Top Ten Signs That You're Probably A [cute] Nerd

The first seventeen were graciously produced by Sara as a series of Zephyr signatures on Sunday, 6 July 1997. The rest just kind of happened.

10. You asked your current girlfriend out using an electronic medium other than the telephone.

9. Your friends compliment you on picking a clueful programmer to go out with.

8. You assume they must have had a lot of previous programming experience, because they've demonstrated that they know how to think, and they havn't even taken 6.001 yet.

7. You knew their username before you knew their first name.

6. It has occured to you that you can give your usergroup/mailing list to them, so that you can keep it at least a little while after you graduate.

5. At least one half of the couple you belong to can claim 'extreme skill in distracting people away from computers', which is essential in a nerd relationships.

4. You were wondering why this list didn't range from 0-9 instead of 1-10, but then you decided it was 'cute' anyway.

3. It was important to you that your DM approved of your new boyfriend.

2. You have no idea what your girlfriend's phone number is, but you've memorized the cnames for all 3 of her computers.

1. You refuse to call your boyfriend by just his first name, because that's not a 'unique identifier'.

0. You plan to get out of any silliness like birthday shopping by writing code for you girlfriend, and she thinks that's a great idea.

-1. Someone has already told you that you could spend more time together if your boyfriend joined your MUSH, but you disagreed, because your Empire has been 'closed' to new players.

-2. You recognize that this list is obviously missing a boudary condition of some sort.

-3. You know the missing boundary condition is deliberate, because you would never ask someone who was such a bad programmer to go out with you.

-4. You think sloppy programming is unethical, and realize that you'll have to have a 'talk' with your SO about that sometime.

-5. You've been called 'cute' over multiple forms of electronic media, and are so proud of the fact that you're considering compiling the 'cute nerd' purity test.

-6. You add the name of every guy you're friends with to your web page because you're tired of weird proposals in multiple languages.

-7. Your new boyfriend, after seeing your list of top ten nerd couple signs, formats it in HTML.

-8. After seeing said HTML, you're proud to see that you won't have to fix any non-3.2-standard HTML.


-10. You've ever considered saying 'Ooo, PostScript hacking is sexy', even if you changed your mind and didn't say it.

-11. You've ever considered writing a script to keep track of the time in seconds from when you met your SO, and then using it in your mail sig.

-12. Out of boredom, your SO writes it for you.

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