Master Class Plan

Units EDPs Course Title
12 18.01Calculus (Advanced Standing)
12 7.012Introductory Biology (AP)
15  Other AP Credit
39 Pre-MIT total
Fall 1996
12 5.11Principles of Chemical Science
12 8.022Physics II
12 18.02Calculus
12 21H.301The Ancient World: Greece
6 MAS.A07Newspapers of the Future
54 Fall 1996 Total
93 Cumulative Total
IAP 1997
6 6.190Special Laboratory Subject in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
6 IAP 1997 Total
99 Cumulative Total
Spring 1997
1546.002Circuits and Electronics
12 11.122Environmental Policy and Regulation
12 18.03Differential Equations
9 21H.401Greece in the Fifth Century
6 MAS.100Introduction to Media Arts and Sciences
544Spring 1997 Total
1534Cumulative Total
Fall 1997
1546.001Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
1546.004Computation Structures
12 8.01XPhysics I
12 STS.011American Science: Ethical Conflicts and Political Choices
548Fall 1997 Total
20712Cumulative Total
Spring 1998
1546.003Signals and Systems
1246.033Computer System Engineering
15126.170Laboratory in Software Engineering
12 11.002Introduction to Public Policy Analysis and Government Action
5420Spring 1998 Total
26132Cumulative Total
Fall 1998
12 6.034Artificial Intelligence
1286.035Computer Language Engineering
12 11.001JIntroduction to Urban Design and Development
12(H) 18.100BAnalysis I
488Fall 1998 Total
29740Total Undergrad Units
12Total Graduate Units
Spring 1999
12 6.011Introduction to Communication, Control, and Signal Processing
12 6.042Mathematics for Computer Science
12(H)46.823Computer System Architecture
9 11.123Big Plans
12 18.313Probability
574Spring 1999 Total
34244Total Undergrad Units
24Total Graduate Units
Fall 1999
1246.012Electronic Devices and Circuits
12(H)46.827Multithreaded Parallelism: Languages and Compilers
12(G)66.837Computer Graphics
12 17.241Introduction to the American Political Process
4814Fall 1999 Total
36658Total Undergrad Units
48Total Graduate Units
Spring 2000
12126.111Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory
12(H) 6.855Network Optimization
12(G) 11.304Site and Urban Systems Planning
12 6.ThGGraduate Thesis
4812Spring 2000 Total
39070Total Undergrad Units
60Total Graduate Units (neglecting thesis)
Fall 2000
12(H) 6.ThGGraduate Thesis
24 6.981Teaching Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
360Fall 2000 Total
39070Total Undergrad Units
84Total Graduate Units (neglecting thesis)
Spring 2001
12(H) 6.ThGGraduate Thesis
24 6.981Teaching Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
360Spring 2001 Total
39070Total Undergrad Units
108Total Graduate Units (neglecting thesis)

Graduation Requirements

General Institute Requirements

Course VI-P: Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Course VI-2: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Course XI: Minor Program in Urban Studies and Planning

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