My Classes

I'm an MIT student. Like most MIT students, I tend to take classes at the Institvte. Occasionally, I even go to lecture...

Spring 2001

Fall 2000

Avid followers of this page might note that I haven't given a punt rating to any of these classes. Really, it's just not appropriate: I can't punt a class I'm TA'ing, and it's just not right to punt my only class. Meep.

Spring 2000

Fall 1999

Spring 1999

Fall 1998

Spring 1998

Fall 1997

Spring 1997

IAP 1997

At MIT, January is the Independent Activities Period, or IAP. I took 6.270, an annual robotics competition. The robot decided on the last day that it didn't want to make nice clean 90-degree turns. Sigh.

Fall 1996

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