Will and Inventory of John Cockburn of that Ilk (1652)

[Lauder Commissary Court, CC15/5/3]

umq[uhi]ll Jon Cokburne xvi October 1652

THE testament testamentar and Inv[enta]r of the guidis geir soumes of mony and debtis Q[uhi]lkis justlie [per]tainit and wer restand awand To umq[uhi]ll J[oh]n Cockbur[n]e of that Ilke the tyme of his deceis quho deceist In the mounth of ___ Jmvjc & fiftie ___ yeirs Faithfullie maid and givin up be himselffe w[i]t[h]in the place of Cockburne upon the first day of Juni the yeir of god fors[ai]d In sua farre as concerns the Nomina[tio]ne of his exe[cutou]ris legacies Haill Inv[enta]r of his guidis geir and debtis awand to him and be him Befor thir witnessse Mr Thomas Ridpeth of Fulfurdleis [Fulfordlees] Mr Patricke Hom minst[e]r at Allem [Ellem] and Jon Home somtyme portioner of the Neutoune [Newton] of Quhitsome [Whitsome] and Mr George Oliphant as the samyne le[tte]rewiill & testament undrwr[itt]in In it selff at mair lenth beirs.

In the first [th]e s[ai]d umq[uhi]ll John Cockburne had [per]taining to him the tyme of his deceis fors[ai]d the guidis geir and u[the]rs underwr[itt]in of the availlis and prayces following Viz Imprimis tuentieane oxin pryce of the peice tuentie punds Suma four hundreth tuentie pund Item aught stottis & quoyes pryce of the peice six pund suma fourtie six pund Item mair aught kyne q[uhai]roff four hath followers pryce of the peice overheid eighteine pund Suma ane hundreth fourtie four pund Item mair sevin hors and meirs pryce of the peice threthe pundis Sum[m]a tuo hundreth tuentie pund Item mair three staigs pryce of the peice tuelff pund sum[m]a threthe sax pund Item mair tenscor and six yewis with the lambs pryce of the peice three pundis sum[m]a sevin hundreth eightteine pund Item mair fivescoir ten old sheipe pryce of the peice three punds Sum[ma] thre hundreth threthe pundis Item mair fivescoir ten hogis pryce of the peice fourtie shilling sum[m]a tuo hundreth tuentie pund Item mair tuentie six bollis beir sawin estimat to the fourth cornid Ind fivescoir four pryce of the boll eight pundis Suma eight hundreth threthetuo pund Item mair threescoir bollis aittis sawin estimat to the thrid cornd Inde nyne scoir bollis aittis pryce of the boll six pund Suma jmlxxxlib Item mair in the barne and barneyeard threttie bollis beir pryce of the boll eight pund Sum[m]a tuo hundreth threthe pund Item mair tuentie bollis of fild(?) land aittis [pryce] of the boll six pund Sum[m]a an hundreth tuentie p[und]

Sum[m]a of the Inv[enta]r — iiijm c lxxxiij[lib]

Followis the debtis awand to the dead

Item In the first thair was Justlie a debht a[nd] restand awand to the s[ai]d umq[uhi]ll J[oh]n Cockburne the fors[ai]d be Archbald Kinkeid younger in Leith the sou[me] of six hundreth threscoir six pund xiij s iiij d Item m[air] be Alex[ande]r Gaittis in Duns the soume of ane hundreth pund iij s iiij d Item be umq[uhi]ll Sir James Frisllis(?) quho was prin[cipa]ll and the lord Wemis quho Is ca[utioner] for the s[ai]d umq[uhi]ll S[i]r James the soume of sax hund[re]th merkis with the an[nua]lrent [thair]off sence candlmess 164... conforme to ane band Item be umq[uhi]ll ge[ne]rall major murrey and his cau[tion]er the soume of iiijm merkis pr[incipall] with fourteine yeirs an[nua]lrent [thai]runto the s[ai]d J[oh]n Cockb[urn] hath right

Sum[m]a of the debtis awand to the dead — vijmiijc...

Suma of the Inv[enta]r w[i]t[h] the debtis —

Followis the debtis awand be the dead

Item ther was justlie a debht and restand awan[d] [be] the s[ai]d umq[uhi]ll J[oh]n Cockburne to the [per]s[o]ns re[specti?]ve under[writtin] the debtis & soumes of mony following Viz Imprimis t[o] James Cockburne his second sone the soume of iiijm ... \Item/ mair to Margret Cockburne his eldest douchter the s[oume] of u[the]r four thousand merkis conforme to tuo severall b[andis] grantit be him and William Cockburne his eldest s[one] and air Item mair be him to Thomas Cockburne Alex[ande]r Archbald and Ana Cockburns the rest of his la[wfull?] childr[en] ane of them the soume of tuo thousand merkis con[forme] to four severall bandis grantit be me and my s[ai]d eld[est] sone [thai]ruponne Item mair be him to the lard of Black[adder?] tuentie sevin bollis aittis and aught bollis beir pryc[e] [of] the boll aitts ___ and pryce of the bo[ll] beir ___ Item to William Castilla[w] hypothecar in Ed[inbu]r[gh] the soume of thre thousand five hund[reth] merkis Item to Alex[ande]r Downe merchant their [the] soume of ane thousand merkis Item to Michell G...sone tailyeor thair the soume of ane thousa[nd] merkis Item to Hendrie Kinloch merchan[t] the soume of ane thousand merkis Item to Rober[t] Gibsone goldsmyth their the soume of ane tho[usand] merkis Item to Mr Jon Atchisone of Nether H... the soume of tuo thousand merkis Item to Rob[ert] Cockburne thair the soume of thre hundreth [merkis] Item mair be him to Margret Winram the soum of thre thousand merkis Item mair be him to Mr Patricke Home minist[e]r at Eales the soume of tua tua thousand merkis Item mair to Ana Ramsey the soume of ane hundreth fourtie sevin pund vi s viii d Item mair to James Lauder the soume of five hundreth merkis Item to J[oh]n Deuar in Duns the soume of three hundreth merkis Item to Mr Thomas Ridpeth of Foulfurdleis the soume of tuo hundreth merkis Item mair be him to Margret Lauder the soume of ane hundreth pund Item mair a debht be him and William Crall in Leugh Heid to Alex[ande]r Home liutennant collonell the soume sax hundreth fiftie pund

Suma of the debtis awand be [th]e dead — xxim c xxxvjlib

The debtis exceidis the Inv[enta]r of the geir — viijmixciijlibvsviiijd

Followis the deads legacie and letterwill

THE s[ai]d J[oh]n Cockburne Recommends his soule to God and his saviour Christ quho Redeemed him and appoyntis his body to be buried And no[m]i[n]atis & ordainis William Cockburne his eldest sone and apeirand aire only exe[cutou]r and universall Intrometter with his goodis and geir and debtis with pouer to him to Intromett with and to pay the haill debtis and sowmes of mony abovewr[itt]in To the severall persons abovenamit with the servand fie awand to them and the s[ai]d exe[cutou]r declairs that he acceptis the s[ai]d office of exe[cut]rie In and upon him with the s[ai]d burden and accnouledges heirby that he is lyable in pay[men]t for the fies debtis And faithfulie promitts never to coume(?) in the contrairi [th]airoff nor quarrell the samyne in tyme coming any maner of way As also the said Jon Cockburne appoyntis his s[ai]d exe[cutou]r to give entertainment to Patricke Cockburne and Jeane Cockburne his bro[the]r and sister sua long as they live quhair unto the exe[cutou]r condistendis and promisses to performe thir things wer done day yeir and place forsaid In p[re]nd[ition](?) of the witnesses abovenamit — Sic subscr' John Cockburne of that ilke Mr Thomas Ridpeth witness Georg Oliphant witnes Jon Home witnes Mr Patrick Home witnes

Liutennant collonell J[oh]n Mayer [or Mather?] comiss[ione]r p... of the commissariat of Beruicke and capta[in] William Rosse of Drumgarland my deputt speciall[ie] constitute for confirma[tio]ne of testamentis within [the] bondis of the s[ai]d commissariat Wnderstanding &c ... we decernit th[ai]runtill &c And givis and comm... &c Q[uhai]rupon &c ___ Becam[e] cau[tione]r as ane act maid [thai]ranent beiris &c &c &c

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