Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Como and Marie Eleonore Lafleur

The Como or Comeau Family

Jean Baptiste COMAUD or CÔMO, m. Anne BOURGEOIS. [ref. 32a,32d,32f]
  1. Joseph COMEAU or COMAUD. [ref. 32c,32d]
  2. Augustin COMEAU or COMAUD. [ref. 32c,32d]
  3. Pierre COMEAU or COMAUD. [ref. 32c,32d]
  4. Jean Baptiste COMEAU or COMAUD, b. and bap. 9 Jun 1753 at Port Royal, Acadia (now Nova Scotia), m. 4 May 1778 at Notre Dame, Montreal, Quebec, Marie Josephte LAMBERT dit DEVELLERAI or DEVILLERAY or DÉVELRY (b. ca. 1758, d. by 1820, daughter of Joseph LAMBERT and Marie Anne METHOTE), d. 17 Apr 1834, bur. 19 Apr 1834 at St. Luc, St. Jean County, Quebec, in the presence of Augustin JOUBERT and Paul DUMONT(?). At his marriage in 1778, of Laprairie, Quebec; Josephte was of Notre Dame, Montreal; present were Jean's father, his brothers Joseph(?), Augustin, and Pierre, Josephte's father, Jacques BERNARD, and Marie Josephte [ILLEGIBLE]. At his daughter's baptism in 1799, a laboureur (plowman or husbandman, not a laborer). At his son Francois's marriage in 1805, a cultivateur (farmer), of Laprairie. The towns of St. Luc, St. Athanase, Iberville, St. Jean, and Acadie now form the city of St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu. [ref. 32a,32b,32d,32e,32f]
    1. Jean Baptiste COMAUD, b. 7 Feb 1779, bap. 8 Feb 1779 at Laprairie, d. 24 Jul 1784, bur. 25 Jul 1784 at Laprairie. Godparents Jean Baptiste COMAUD his grandfather and Susanne LAMBERT. [ref. 32a]
    2. Joseph COMEAU, b. 5 Apr 1781, bap. 6 Apr 1781 at Laprairie, m. 30 Jun 1800 at Chambly, Quebec, Marie Anne GÉLINOT (d. by 1822, daughter of Nicolas GÉLINOT and Marie Anne WATSON). Godparents Joseph HÉBER and Isabelle COMAUD wife of Francois SIRONDRE(?). Marie Anne was a minor when married; present at the marriage were Joseph's father, his uncles Augustin, Pierre, and Joseph COMEAU, his friend Francois COUTURE, Marie Anne's father, her brother Nicolas, her brothers in law Joseph PERREAULT and Jean Baptiste DULADE, her uncle Antoine GÉLINOT, and Pierre LABONIÈRE her friend. At his daughters' baptisms in 1803 and 1807, a laboureur. At his sons' baptisms in 1809 and 1811, a journalier. At his son Moyse's baptism in 1816, a laboureur. Absent from his daughter Marie's marriage in 1822; her paternal uncle André BOUVIER gave consent in his place. [ref. 32a,32c]
      1. Marie Anne COMEAU, b. 27 Mar 1803, bap. 27 Mar 1803 at Laprairie, m. 28 Oct 1822 at Laprairie, Henri Guillaume MILLER (son of Henri Guillaume MILLER and Marie Géneviève JOLLIVET [d. by 1822]). Godparents her grandparents Jean Baptiste COMEAU and Marie Anne WATSON. [ref. 32a]
      2. Marie Flavie COMEAU, b. 17 Oct 1807, bap. 18 Oct 1807 at Laprairie. Godparents Nicolas GÉLINOT and Marie-Marthe BOILEAU wife of Pierre VIRICELET. [ref. 32a]
      3. Joseph COMEAU, b. 23 Oct 1809, bap. 23 Oct 1809 at Laprairie. Godparents Joseph GELINOT and Marie-Louise COMEAU. [ref. 32a]
      4. Paul COMEAU, b. 28 Apr 1811, bap. 29 Apr 1811 at Laprairie, d. 5 May 1811, bur. 6 May 1811 at Laprairie. Godparents Paul CAMPBELL and Mazriee Susanne BYRDE. [ref. 32a]
      5. Moyse COMEAU, b. 8 Sep 1816, bap. 8 Oct 1816 at Laprairie, bur. there 10 Nov 1816. Godparents André COMEAU and Sarah(?) FOURNIER. [ref. 32a]
    3. Augustin COMEAU or COMAUD, b. 19 Sep 1783, bap. 20 Sep 1783 at Laprairie, d. 22 Apr 1784, bur. 23 Apr 1784 at Laprairie. Godparents Pierre COMAUD and Marie Josette POIRIER wife of J.B. OLIVIER. Present at the burial was Alexis LAMBERT. [ref. 32a]
    4. Jean Baptiste COMAUD, b. 23 Feb 1785, bap. 24 Feb 1785 at Laprairie, bur. 25 Oct 1787 at Laprairie. Godparents Joseph PILOTÉ(?) and Marie ST. VINCENT wife of Louis DU BÉ. [ref. 32a]
    5. Francois Xavier COMEAU or COMAUD, b. 25 Feb 1787, bap. 26 Feb 1787 at Laprarie, m. 4 Feb 1805 at St. Mathias, Quebec, Marie Louise LAPORTE (b. ca. 1785, daughter of Jean Baptiste LAPORTE, journalier of St. Mathias, and Marie FOUGARDE). Godmother Francoise HOULL. At his marriage in Feb 1805, a cultivateur at Laprairie. Present at the marriage were the fathers of the bride and groom, Francois's friend Pierre DUMAS, and Marie's friend Jean CHAMBERLAND. At his daughter's baptism in Dec 1805, a voyageur, absent at the time. At his son's baptism in 1808, a journalier in Laprairie. [ref. 32a,32e]
      1. Marie COMEAU, b. 11 Dec 1805, bap. 11 Dec 1805 at Laprairie. Godparents Paul CAMPBELL and Marie Anne GÉLINOT. [ref. 32a]
      2. Ignace COMEAU, b. 30 Jul 1808, bap. 30 Jul 1808 at Laprairie. Godparents Michel SURPRENANT and Catherine DUMAS. [ref. 32a]
    6. Pélagie COMEAU, b. 24 Apr 1790, bap. 25 Apr 1790 at Laprairie, d. 4 Sep 1794, bur. 6 Sep 1794 at Laprairie. Godparents Pierre HÉBERT and Marie Anne LENCTION (wife of Pierre GAGNON). Present at the burial was André Ignace DUPUY. [ref. 32a]
    7. Marie Josephte COMEAU, b. 19 Mar 1793, bap. 21 Mar 1793 at Laprairie, d. 12 Oct 1794, bur. 13 Oct 1794 at Laprairie. Godparents Michel BOURGEOIS and Natalie COMEAU (relationship not stated). Present at the burial was André Ignace DUPUY. [ref. 32a]
    8. André COMEAU, b. and bap. 16 Jul 1795 at Laprairie, m. 6 Nov 1820 at St. Luc, Marie Rose LAURE or LORD (b. ca. 1802 at St. Luc, daughter of Honoré LAURE [d. by 1820] and Marguerite BABIN), d. 31 Jan 1873, bur. 3 Feb 1873 at St. Luc. Godparents André BOUVIER and Marie Francoise GIBEAULT. At his marriage in 1820, a laboureur of Laprairie; Rose was of St. Luc. Present at the marriage in 1820 were André's uncle André BOUVIER and friend Bénoni CAMPBELL (subsequently his son's godfather) and Rose's stepfather Francois GIROUX and godfather Victor GIROUARD. At his children's baptisms in 1821, 1823, and 1825, André was a laboureur, dwelling at (but perhaps not an official resident of?) Laprairie. At his children's baptisms in 1827, 1829, and 1832, a laboureur of Laprairie. At his children's baptisms, burials, and marriages at St. Luc in 1834, 1836, 1839, 1841, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, and 1850, a cultivateur. In 1851, a cultivateur, living at St. Luc with his wife Rose and their children Bénoni, Henri, André, Philomène, Elmire, Moïse, and Aurélie. Present at his daughter Aurélie's burial in 1867. At his burial in 1873, a cultivateur, of St. Luc; present at the burial were Toussaint ROBERT (his son-in-law) and George LAPLANTE. In 1881, Rose was living with her daughter Elmire. Additional details of some of André's descendants can be found at ComeauNet[ref. 31,32a,32b,33]
      1. Salomé COMEAU, bap. 25 Jan 1821 at Laprairie, d. 11 Jun 1821, bur. 12 Jun 1821 at Laprairie. Godparents André BOUVIER and Marguerite BABIN. Present at the burial were Francois COUTURIER and Pierre HOULLE(?). [ref. 32a]
      2. Marie Rose COMEAU, b. 3 Mar 1823 at St. Luc (really?), bap. 3 Mar 1823 at Laprairie, m. 16 Jan 1844 at St. Luc, Moïse MORIN (b. ca. 1823 at St. Luc, son of Francois MORIN, a cultivateur, and Josephte BISAILLON). Godparents Louis DIEU-DONNÉ and Claire LAURE. Rose and Moïse were both of St. Luc at the time of their marriage. Present at the marriage were the two fathers, Rose's brother Bénoni, and Moïse's brother Hubert. In 1851, living at St. Luc with her husband Moïse (a cultivateur) and their children Josephine and Emille. In 1861, godmother of her brother Bénoni's son Felix. [ref. 31,32a,32b]
        1. Josephine MORIN, b. ca. 1848 at St. Luc. In 1851, living with her parents. [ref. 31]
        2. Emille MORIN, b. ca. 1849 at Acadie. In 1851, living with his parents. [ref. 31]
      3. Bénoni COMEAU or COMMEAUX, b. and bap. 7 Apr 1825 at Laprairie, m. 16 Nov 1858 at Laprairie, Marie Domitille BAZINET (daughter of Jean Baptiste BAZINET [d. by 1858] and Julie BENOIT). Godparents Bénoni CAMPBELL and Magdelaine DAVID. In 1851, a cordonnier (shoemaker), living with his parents. In 1858, a cultivateur living at St. Luc. [ref. 31,32a]
        1. Felix Benoit COMMEAU, b. 11 Oct 1861, bap. 12 Oct 1861 at St. Luc. Godparents Benoit BAZINET and Rose COMMEAU (presumably his aunt). [ref. 32b]
        2. Joseph Hercule COMMEAU, b. 29 Sep 1862, bap. 29 Sep 1862 at St. Luc. Godparents Hercule MOREAU and Aurélie COMMEAU (presumably his aunt). [ref. 32b]
        3. Jean Baptiste COMEAU, b. 3 Dec 1864, bap. 5 Dec 1864 at St. Luc. Godparents Pierre MAILLOUX and Genevieve CARLEATRE(?). [ref. 32b]
      4. Marcelline COMEAU, b. 20 Jan 1827, bap. 20 Jan 1827 at Laprairie, m. 3 Nov 1846 at St. Luc, Narcisse PÉRA (son of Jean Baptiste PÉRA, a cultivateur, and Catherine LEFEBVRE). Godparents Julien SENÉCAL and Isabelle JOLLIVET. At their marriage in 1846, Marcelline was of St. Luc, and Narcisse was of St. Philipe. [ref. 32a,32b]
      5. Moyse COMEAU, b. 7 Aug 1829, bap. 8 Aug 1829 at Laprairie, d. 4 Aug 1830, bur. 6 Aug 1830 at Laprairie. Godparents Charles FICIAUX and Magdelaine DENANT. Present at the burial were Moyse's father and Antoine PAGE. [ref. 32a]
      6. Henri COMEAU, b. ca. 1832 at Laprairie, bap. there 6 Feb 1832. Godparents Guillaume-Henry MILLER and Jorette ROBERT. In 1851, a journalier (laborer), living with his parents. [ref. 31,32a]
      7. André COMEAU, later Andrew COMO, b. ca. 1834 at St. Luc, bap. there 3 Jun 1834, m. 8 Jan 1885 at Frenchtown, Missoula County, Montana, Marie Eleonore LAFLEUR, bur. Mar 1892 at St. Mary's cemetery, Missoula, Missoula County. Godparents Joseph ST. IVE and Susanne LAURE (his aunt). In 1851, a journalier, living with his parents. Did Andrew live in New Hampshire in 1860 and fight in the U.S. Civil War? Did he live in Colorado in the 1870s? (In the 1920 census his daughter Josephine listed her father's birthplace as Colorado, although every other source agrees he was born in Canada.) In 1880, he was a carpenter living at Krout Street, Missoula. In 1883, of Frenchtown (see newpaper item in sidebar). In 1890, he was a telegraph operator, residence 170 N. Third Street, Missoula. Andrew's burial in 1892 is recorded in a faded and hard-to-read Catholic church record (ref. 19) that says Dominum Como qui in nosocomio decessit in Martio mense sepelivi. (In the month of March I buried Mr. Como, who died in the hospital.) The index of Missoula burials (ref. 15) appears to have read Dominam for Dominum in this source and interpreted it as a woman's name, Domina Como. [ref. 1,2,3,5,14,15,19,31,32b]
        1. Josephine A. "Josie" COMO, b. 1 Feb 1886 at Grass Valley, Missoula County, m. 31 Dec 1901 at Frenchtown, Peter "Pete" RAINVILLE (b. ca. 1876, son of Joseph RAINVILLE and Julia BOUILLIER, d. by 1969), d. 1 Sep 1969 in Deer Lodge County, Montana. In 1900, enumerated twice in the census, once living with her mother and stepfather and attending school and once as a servant in a boarding house at Hell Gate, Missoula County. In 1901, residence Grass Valley. In 1910, living at Hell Gate with her husband Peter (a farmer) and their daughters Evelina and Rosella. In 1920, living at 1816 Toole Avenue, Missoula, with her husband Peter (a brake repairer for the Northern Pacific railroad) and their daughters Evelyn, Rosella, Velma, and Veronica. In 1930, a mender at a laundry, living at 1816 Toole Avenue with her husband Peter (a laborer at a sawmill) and their daughters Velma, Veronica, and Irene. During the Depression, Josie and Pete moved to Spokane, Washington. In 1969, residence Silver Bow County, Montana. [ref. 2,4,5,6,7,9,13,20,24]
          1. A child, d. by 1910. [ref. 13]
          2. Evelina or Evelyn RAINVILLE, b. ca. 1905 in Montana, m. BUCKWALTER, d. ca. 1950. In 1910 and 1920, living with her parents. [ref. 5,7,13]
          3. Rosella RAINVILLE, b. ca. 1907 in Montana. In 1910 and 1920, living with her parents. [ref. 5,13]
          4. Velma M. RAINVILLE, b. ca. 1912 in Montana. In 1920 and 1930, living with her parents. [ref. 5,20]
          5. Veronica M. RAINVILLE, b. ca. 1914 in Montana. In 1920 and 1930, living with her parents. [ref. 5,20]
          6. Another daughter. (Is this the child who d. by 1910?) [ref. 7]
          7. Irene RAINVILLE, b. ca. 1921 in Montana, m. CRONN. In 1930, living with her parents. Irene's husband worked for Rainier Brewery in Spokane. [ref. 7,20]
        2. Mary Clementine or Clementine Mary or Leontine COMO, b. 25 Nov 1887 in Montana, m. 30 Sep 1905 at Missoula, James John McGRATH (b. ca. 1874 at Bonmahon, County Waterford, Ireland, son of Thomas McGRATH and Mary McCARTHY, d. by 1978), div. by 1930, d. 3 Nov 1978 in Silver Bow County. In 1900, at school, living with her mother and stepfather. In 1910, living at Maple Grove, Ada County, Idaho, with her husband James (a hay and grain farmer), their children James, Mary, and Julia, and James Sr.'s father. In 1920, living at 901 N. Main Street, Centerville, Silver Bow County, with her husband James (an express drayman) and their children James, Elenor, Rosella, Thomas, Loretta, and Elsie. Mary's half brother Fred MORGENSTERN was living next door at number 901½ in 1920. (In 1910, James's parents were operating a boarding house at number 901, and there was no 901½. Probably these two addresses were both part of the former boarding house, split into two private homes.) In 1930, a "worker in a private residence" (i.e. a maid?) living at 901 N. Main Street with her children James, Rosella, Thomas, Loretta, and Elsie. Mary's brother Charles had replaced Fred at number 901½ in 1930. Mary later lived in Butte, Silver Bow County. In 1978, residence Silver Bow County. [ref. 4,5,6,7,9,13,20,24]
          1. James J. "Jim" McGRATH, b. ca. Apr 1906 in Montana. In 1910 and 1920, living with his parents. In 1930, a laborer at a vault company, living with his mother. Later worked at the Butte cemetery. [ref. 5,7,13,20]
          2. Mary Elenor McGRATH, b. ca. Sep 1908 in Idaho. In 1910 and 1920, living with her parents. [ref. 5,13]
          3. Julia Rosella McGRATH, b. ca. Mar 1910 in Idaho. In 1910 and 1920, living with her parents. In 1930, living with her mother. [ref. 5,7,13,20]
          4. Thomas McGRATH, b. ca. Jul 1912 in Montana. In 1920, living with his parents. In 1930, a helper at a garage, living with his mother. [ref. 5,20]
          5. Loretta McGRATH, b. ca. Apr 1914 in Montana. In 1920, living with her parents. In 1930, living with her mother. [ref. 5,20]
          6. Ray McGRATH. Lived in Cheney, Washington. (Is this Thomas?) [ref. 7]
          7. Elsie L. McGRATH, b. ca. Jul 1916 in Montana, m. NANKERVIS (d. by 1998), d. 3 Feb 1998 in Silver Bow County. In 1920, living with her parents. In 1930, living with her mother. In 1998, residence Silver Bow County. [ref. 5,7,20,24]
        3. Charles Henry "Charlie" COMO, b. 18 Sep 1889 in Missoula County, m. ca. 1919 Edith A. McCARTHY (b. ca. 1896 in North Dakota, d. 14 Aug 1952 in Portland County, Oregon), d. 23 Jan 1971 in Multnomah County, Oregon. In 1900, living with his mother and stepfather. In 1920, a fireman in a flour mill, living at Sidney, Richland County, Montana, with his wife Edith. In 1930, a copper miner, living at 901½ N. Main Street, Centerville, next door to his sister Mary, with his wife Edith and their sons Raymond, Everett, Donald, and William. During the Depression, Charlie and Edith and some of their sons moved to Portland, Oregon. In 1971, residence Portland. [ref. 2,4,5,6,7,10,20,24,25]
          1. Raymond "Ray" COMO, b. 5 Feb 1920, d. Jan 1983. In 1930, living with his parents. Lived in Butte. [ref. 6,7,20]
          2. Everett or John COMO, b. 9 Aug 1921, d. 10 May 1985 in Multnomah County, Oregon. In 1930, living with his parents. In 1983, residence Portland. Lived in Portland. [ref. 6,7,20,25]
          3. Donald F. COMO, b. 12 May 1924, m., d. 29 May 1994 at Silver Bow County. In 1930, living with his parents. In 1994, residence Butte, Silver Bow County. Lived in Butte. [ref. 6,7,20,24]
          4. William L. "Bill" COMO, Sr., b. 20 Jul 1928, d. 9 Aug 1992 in Clatsop County, Oregon. In 1930, living with his parents. Lived in Jewell, Oregon. In 1992, residence Seaside, Clatsop County. [ref. 6,7,20,25]
        4. Ralin Joseph COMO, b. 14 Sep 1891 in Montana, m. 5 Oct 1918 at Missoula, Adella Frances LACHMANN, d. Nov 1945 at Spokane. In 1900 and 1910, living with his mother and stepfather. In 1917, a farmer at [illegible] Valley, living at [illegible], Dixon, Sanders County, Montana, registered for the draft at Missoula. In 1918, residence Missoula. In 1920, a car repairer for the Northern Pacific Railroad, living at 1116 Shakspeare(?) Street, Missoula, with his wife. In 1928, Ralin and Adella moved to Butte. In 1930, a copper miner, living at 71 E. 1st Street, Butte, with his wife Adella and their children Frances, Ralin, and Ernest. In the Depression, Ralin lost his job, and the family moved to Spokane. Ralin later worked as an operating engineer. [Note: The 1910 census gives Ralin the middle initial C instead of J. Presumably this is just an error.] [ref. 2,4,5,7,9,13,20,30]
          1. Frances Cecilia "Fran" COMO, b. 12 Mar 1920 at Missoula, m. Herman "Bud" ANDERSON (m2. Esther). In 1930, living with her parents. [ref. 7,10,11,12,20]
            1. Richard "Dick" ANDERSON, m1. Shirley, m2. Lynne. Descendants not shown. [ref. 11]
            2. James "Jim" ANDERSON, m. Ronnie. Descendants not shown. [ref. 11]
            3. Thomas "Tom" ANDERSON. [ref. 11]
            4. John ANDERSON, m. Rita. [ref. 11]
            5. Connie ANDERSON, m. Steve MENARD. Descendants not shown. [ref. 11]
          2. Mary L. COMO, b. 17 Jun 1921 at Missoula, d. 17 Aug 1921 at Missoula, bur. 18 Aug 1921 at St. Mary's cemetery, Missoula. [ref. 10,15]
          3. Ralin Joseph "Joe" COMO, Jr., b. 15 Apr 1923 at Missoula, d. unm. 27 Jul 1998. In 1930, living with his parents. Later lived in Spokane. [ref. 6,7,10,11,20]
          4. Ernest William "Ernie" COMO, b. 15 Jun 1924 at Missoula, m. 18 Oct 1947 at Spokane, Elizabeth Margaret RAESS, d. 12 Jan 1993. In 1930, living with his parents. Later lived in Spokane. [ref. 6,10,11,20]
            1. John Ralin COMO, b. ca. 1953. [ref. 11]
            2. Rosemary Elizabeth COMO, b. 1957. [ref. 11]
            3. Paulette Louise COMO, b. 1970, m. 27 Aug 2000 at Chevy Chase, Maryland, Daniel Francis MORGAN[ref. 11,12]
      8. Matilde or Mathilde COMEAU, b. 12 Nov 1836, bap. 13 Nov 1836 at St. Luc, d. 8 Feb 1841, bur. 10 Feb 1841 at St. Luc. Godparents Julien LAURE (her uncle) and Marguerite TREMBLAY ST. IVES. Buried in the presence of Philippe THOMSON and Félixe CARTIER. [ref. 32b]

      9. Top: signatures of Bénoni and Philomène Commeaux in the parish register of St. Luc, Quebec, at Philomène's marriage in 1856. Middle: signature of Elmire Commeaux on the same day at the marriage of their (probable) cousin Sophie Lord. Bottom: signature of Aurélie Commeau in 1862 at the baptism of her nephew and godson Joseph Hercule Commeau.
        Philomène COMEAU or COMMEAUX, b. and bap. 16 Jan 1839 at St. Luc, m. 6 Oct 1856 at St. Luc, Vitale SURPRENANT (son of Joseph SURPRENANT and Marguérite LANGTEU(?)). Godparents Denys LANGUET of Blairfindie and Charlotte ROY. (Ste. Marguerite de Blairfindie was the parish for the town of Acadie.) In 1851, living with her parents. Present at the marriage in 1856 were Pierre BENOIT and Jean LORD, friends of the couple; Philomène and her brother Benoit (Bénoni?) signed the marriage register (as Philomène COMMEAUX and B. COMMEAUX). [ref. 31,32b]
      10. Marie Elmire COMEAU or COMMEAUX, b. 13 Mar 1841 at St. Luc, bap. there 14 Mar 1841, m. 15 Oct 1861 at St. Luc, Toussaint ROBERT (b. ca. 1838 in Quebec, son of Jean Baptiste ROBERT [d. by 1861] and Marie GIROUARD). Godparents Jean Baptiste TREMBLAY and Rose COMEAU (relationship not stated but perhaps Elmire's sister). In 1851, living with her parents. Present at the marriage in 1861 were Elmire's father as her witness and Joseph DERONDE(?) as Toussaint's; Toussaint was then of St. Jacques le Mineur. In 1881, Elmire was living at St. Luc with her husband Toussaint (a cultivateur), their children Joseph, Dosithe, Ismael, Euclide, Ernest, Maria, and Angelina, and her mother. [ref. 31,32b,33]
        1. Joseph ROBERT, b. ca. 1863 in Quebec. In 1881, living with his parents. [ref. 33]
        2. Dosithe ROBERT, b. ca. 1866 in Quebec. In 1881, living with his parents. [ref. 33]
        3. Ismael ROBERT, b. ca. 1870 in Quebec. In 1881, living with his parents. [ref. 33]
        4. Euclide ROBERT, b. ca. 1872 in Quebec. In 1881, living with his parents. [ref. 33]
        5. Ernest ROBERT, b. ca. 1873 in Quebec. In 1881, living with his parents. [ref. 33]
        6. Maria ROBERT, b. ca. 1875 in Quebec. In 1881, living with her parents. [ref. 33]
        7. Angelina ROBERT, b. ca. 1879 in Quebec. In 1881, living with her parents. [ref. 33]
      11. Moïse COMEAU, b. 17 Mar 1843 at St. Luc, bap. there 18 Mar 1843. Godparents Jean Baptiste SARAZIN and Rose BROSSEAU. In 1851, a journalier, living with his parents. [ref. 31,32b]
      12. Marie Aurélie COMEAU or COMMEAU, b. and bap. 16 Apr 1845 at St. Luc, d. 3 Dec 1867, bur 5 Dec 1867 at St. Luc. Godparents Olivier PETAIN(?) and Marcelline LEMAN(?). In 1851, living with her parents. In 1862, godmother of her brother Bénoni's son Joseph. Present at her burial were her father and her brother-in-law Moïse MORIN. [ref. 31,32b]
      13. Alfred COMEAU, b. 15 Jun 1850, bap. 16 Jun 1850 at St. Luc, d. 10 Aug 1850, bur. 12 Aug 1850 at St. Luc. Godparents Paul DUSSUI(?) and Marguerite CLEOTÉ(?). Buried in the presence of Clément MOREAU and Antoine MOLLEUR. [ref. 32b]
    9. Susanne COMEAU, b. 14 Sep 1796, bap. 14 Sep 1796 at Laprairie. Godparents Pierre BINET and Modeste COUTURE. [ref. 32a]
    10. Marie Josephte COMEAU, b. 3 Dec 1799, bap. 4 Dec 1799 at Laprairie, d. 18 Sep 1800, bur. 20 Sep 1800 at Laprairie. Godparents Francois COUTURE and Madelaine SURPRENANT. Present at the burial were Marie Josephte's father and René RIVET. [ref. 32a]
    11. Louis COMEAU, b. 7 Mar 1803, bap. 7 Mar 1803 at Laprairie. Godparents Louis COUTURE and Marie-Josephte SENÉCAL. [ref. 32a]
  5. Firmin CÔMO, b. ca. 1759, bap. in illness 13 Apr 1773 with ceremonies 4 Jul 1773 at Laprairie. Godparents Joseph DUMAS and Marie Louise MAGNON. [ref. 32a]
  6. Marie CÔMO, b. ca. 1761, bap. 4 Jul 1773 at Laprairie. Godparents Augustin CÔMO and Marie BOURASSA. [ref. 32a]
  7. Marguerite CÔMO, b. ca. 1763, bur. 26 Apr 1773 at Laprairie. Present at the burial were Pierre CHABOT and Jacques HEBERT. [ref. 32a]
Possibly related:

The Lafleur or Biroleau Family

Etienne LA FLEUR dit BIROLEAU, m1. 26 Jul 1813 at St. Eustache, Deux Montagnes County, Quebec, Canada, Marie Anne LANGLOIS dit TRAVERSY, m2. 26 Sep 1825 at St. Eustache, Adelaide CHARTRAND. [ref. 22b,23c]
  1. Marie Anne LA FLEUR, b. 25 Mar 1815 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
  2. Etienne LA FLEUR, b. 10 Sep 1816 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
  3. Sévère LAFLEUR dit BIROLEAU, b. 27 Jun 1818 at St. Eustache, m. 17 Oct 1842 at St. Eustache, Domathilde PRESSEAU or PRÉZEAU, d. 16 Jan 1880 at St. Eustache, bur. 19 Jan 1880 at St. Eustache. Godfather of his nephew Joseph LAFLEUR (below). In 1860-1862, a cultivateur (farmer) in St. Eustache. In 1865, an artisan there. Unable to sign his name. [ref. 2,8,22b,23c,26]
    1. Etienne LAFLEUR [twin], b. 24 Apr 1844 at St-Eustache, d. there 2 Apr 1845. [ref. 8,22b,23c]
    2. Severe LAFLEUR [twin], b. 24 Apr 1844 at St-Eustache, d. there Apr 1844. [ref. 8,22b,23c]
    3. Charles Napoleon LAFLEUR, b. 5 Feb 1846 at St-Eustache, d. 7 Aug 1858, bur. 11 Aug 1858 at St Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    4. Melina LAFLEUR, b. 18 Sep (Jul in ref. 8) 1847 at St-Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c]
    5. Etienne LAFLEUR, b. 3 Sep 1849, d. 7 Aug 1858, bur. 11 Aug 1858 at St-Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    6. Marie Philomene LAFLEUR, b. 30 Nov 1851. [ref. 22b,23c]
    7. Marie Eleonore LAFLEUR, b. (9 Sep 1853 in refs. 8 and 22b and 23c, 1852 or 1853 in ref. 11, Jul 1857 in ref. 4, age 32 on 4 Feb 1895 in ref. 2) at St-Eustache, m1. 8 Jan 1885 at Frenchtown, Andrew COMO, m2. 4 Feb 1895 at Missoula, Ferdinand F. MORGENSTERN, d. 1948 or 1949, bur. in Spokane near the grave of her son Ralin COMO and his wife. Immigrated to the United States in 1884. In 1895, residence Missoula. In 1900, living at Frenchtown with her husband Fred, children Josephine, Leontine, Charles, Ralin, and Fred, and a workman. In 1910, living at 914 Toole Avenue, Missoula, with her husband Fred and sons Ralin and Fred. In 1911, residence 1819 Cooper Street, Missoula. In 1915, residence 827 Cooper Street. In 1920, living at 1827 Cooper Street. In 1929, residence 1827 Cooper Street. Witnesses at Eleonore's marriage in 1885 included Arthur LAFLEUR and Mary LAFLEUR. [ref. 2,4,5,8,13,16,17,22b,23c]
    8. Louis Hercule or Arthur LAFLEUR, b. 30 May 1855 at St-Eustache, Quebec, m. 5 Feb 1883 at St-Eustache, Octavie CLOUTIER (b. 1852 at Ste. Rose, Laval County, Quebec, chr. 8 Aug 1852 at Ste. Rose, d. 28 Nov 1907 at Frenchtown, bur. 1 Dec 1907 at Frenchtown cemetery, daughter of Charles CLOUTIER and Luce NADON), d. 17 Sep 1903 at Missoula, bur. at Frenchtown cemetery. [ref. 8,10,15,22b,23c]
      1. Adelard Isaias or Isaac "Archie" LAFLEUR, b. 23 Apr 1886 at Frenchtown, chr. Apr 1886 at Frenchtown, m. 20 Jan 1908 at Frenchtown, Alphonsine Hermine THUOT or TUOTT (b. 13 Apr 1887 at St. Ignatius, Lake County, Montana, chr. 13 Apr 1887 at St. Ignatius, d. 30 Oct 1979 at Butte, bur. 2 Nov 1979 at Anaconda, daughter of Ludger Charles TUOTT and Victorine LABELLE), d. 7 Apr 1970 at Anaconda, Montana, bur. 10 Apr 1970 at Olivet Cemetery, Anaconda. [ref. 7,8,9,22b,24]
        1. Laurence Henri "Laurie" LaFLEUR, b. 23 Apr 1911 at Frenchtown, m. 16 May 1931 at Tooele, Tooele County, Utah, Evelyn Lois KENWORTHY (b. 5 Oct 1912 at Livingston, Park County, Montana, d. 28 May 1974 at Spokane), d. 25 Apr 1986 at Spokane, bur. Apr 1986 in Washington. Lived in Spokane Valley, worked for Appleway Chevrolet. [ref. 7,10,22b]
          1. Keith Delbert LAFLEUR, b. 19 Feb 1932 at Anaconda, d. 19 Feb 1932 at Anaconda, bur. 22 Feb 1932 at Anaconda. [ref. 22b]
          2. Two other sons. [ref. 22b]
        2. Delbert Ludger LA FLEUR, b. 24 Sep 1913 at Lambert, Richland County, Montana, d. 7 Oct 1958 at Duluth, Minnesota. [ref. 22b]
        3. Joseph Adelard LA FLEUR, b. 13 Jun 1916 at Lambert, d. 18 Sep 1919 at Anaconda. [ref. 22b]
        4. Virginia M. LAFLEUR, m. MENICUCCI, d. 17 Dec 1999 aged 78 in Deer Lodge County. Lived in Anaconda. [ref. 7,24]
        5. Two (ref. 7) or three (ref. 22b) other children. [ref. 7,22b]
      2. Alma or Mary Anna LAFLEUR, b. 6 Apr 1892 at Frenchtown, chr. Apr 1892 at Frenchtown, m. 3 Oct 1910 at Frenchtown, Paul MERCURE or MARCURE (b. 21 Dec 1884 at St. Basile, Madawaska County, New Brunswick, Canada, d. 28 Jul 1969, son of Benoit MERCURE OR MARCURE and Philamene CYR), d. and bur. 10 Aug 1920 at Frenchtown. [ref. 8,9,22b,23c]
        1. A daughter. [ref. 22b]
    9. Marie Louise LAFLEUR, b. 17 Jul 1857, chr. 17 Jul 1857 at St. Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    10. Charles LAFLEUR, b. 22 Mar 1859, chr. 23 Mar 1859 at St. Eustache. His godmother was his cousin Eléonore LAFLEUR (daughter of his uncle Charles, below). [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    11. Marie Virginie Angelina or Marie Angèle LAFLEUR dit BIROLEAU, b. 22 Nov 1860, chr. 25 Nov 1860 at St. Eustache, d. 22 May 1861, bur. 24 May 1861 at St. Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    12. Godfroy Alphonse LAFLEUR, b. 16 Apr 1862, chr. 17 Apr 1862 at St. Eustache. [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
    13. Eustache LAFLEUR, b. 3 Aug 1865, chr. 5 Aug 1865 at St. Eustache. His godmother was Alvina BIROLEAU dit LAFLEUR (relationship unknown). [ref. 8,22b,23c,26]
  4. Charles Bruno BIROLEAU dit LAFLEUR, b. 31 Jan 1821 at St. Eustache, m. 24 Oct 1842 at St. Eustache, Rose Anne or Marie Anne TREMBLAY. In 1861, a négotiant (merchant). In 1862, a journalier (day laborer). Unable to sign his name. (The middle name Bruno appears only in ref. 26 in the record of the burial of Charles's son William Bruno. That entry uses the surname LAFLEUR alone, without BIROLEAU. Could Bruno have been the priest's misunderstanding of BIROLEAU?) [ref. 22b,26]
    1. Eléonore BIROLEAU dit LAFLEUR, m. 20 May 1861 (of minor age) at St. Eustache, John NICKEL (son of John NICKEL and Rose LABERGE). Godmother of her cousin Charles LAFLEUR (son of her uncle Sévère, above) and of her short-lived younger brother Guillaume Eustache LAFLEUR (below). Able to sign her name. [ref. 26]
    2. William Bruno LAFLEUR, b. ca. 1852, d. 22 Aug 1856 aged 4, bur. 23 Aug 1856 at St. Eustache. (See note above regarding the middle name Bruno.) [ref. 26]
    3. Napoléon BIROLEAU, b. ca. Feb 1856, d. 26 Jul 1856 aged 5 months, bur. 27 Jul 1856 at St. Eustache. [ref. 26]
    4. Joseph LAFLEUR, b. 13 Feb 1856, chr. 14 Feb 1856 at St. Eustache. His godparents were Sévère LAFLEUR (his uncle, above) and Mathilde LAFLEUR (perhaps Sévère's wife Domathilde, but perhaps someone else, as ref. 26 seems to use only maiden surnames). [ref. 26]
    5. Marie Louise LAFLEUR, b. 15 Sep 1857, chr. 16 Sep 1857 at St. Eustache, d. 2 Oct 1857, bur. 3 Oct 1857 at St. Eustache. [ref. 26]
    6. Louise LAFLEUR, b. 18 Sep 1858, chr. 19 Sep 1858 at St. Eustache. [ref. 26]
    7. Josephine Laure LAFLEUR, b. 1 Jul 1860, chr. 2 Jul 1860 at St. Eustache. [ref. 26]
    8. Guillaume Eustache BIROLEAU dit LAFLEUR, b. 5 Mar 1862, chr. 6 Mar 1862 at St. Eustache, d. 17 Mar 1862, bur. 18 Mar 1862 at St. Eustache. His godmother was his older sister Eléonore LAFLEUR (above) [ref. 26]
  5. Xavier LA FLEUR, b. 13 Apr 1822 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
  6. Andre LA FLEUR, b. 20 Apr 1823 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
  7. Marie Henriette LA FLEUR, b. 12 Mar 1826 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  8. Benjamin LA FLEUR, b. 23 Jan 1828 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  9. Michel LA FLEUR, b. 23 Jan 1828 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  10. Marie Josephte LA FLEUR, b. 19 Nov 1829 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  11. Juliene LA FLEUR, b. 25 Jun 1831 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  12. Juliene LA FLEUR, b. 13 Jun 1834 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  13. Isadore LA FLEUR, b. 5 Sep 1835 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  14. Olive LA FLEUR, b. 15 Feb 1837 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
  15. Marie Adelaide LA FLEUR, b. 5 Feb 1839 at St. Eustache. [ref. 23c]
Presumably the same family, but exact relationship not yet clear:

The Langlois or Traversy Family

Michel LANGLOIS, m. Genevieve Amable CLEMENT. [ref. 22b]
  1. Jean Baptiste LANGLOIS, m. 3 Mar 1794 at St. Eustache, Marie Anne SAUVE, d. 18 May 1857 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    1. Jean Baptiste LANGOIS, b. 11 Jun 1795 at St. Eustache, d. 6 Jul 1795 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    2. Marie Anne LANGLOIS, b. 5 Jun 1796 at St. Eustache, d. 1 Jul 1796 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    3. Marie Anne LANGLOIS dit TRAVERSY, chr. 6 Aug 1797 at St. Eustache, m. 26 Jul 1813 at St. Eustache, Etienne LA FLEUR dit BIROLEAU, d. and bur. 21 Feb 1825 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
    4. Marie Therese LANGLOIS, b. 20 Aug 1799 at St. Eustache, d. 10 Oct 1799 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    5. Suzanne LANGLOIS, b. 21 Mar 1804 at St. Eustache, d. 3 Jul 1804 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    6. Charles Benjamin LANGLOIS, b. 11 Apr 1805 at St. Eustache, d. 27 Jul 1805 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    7. Marguerite LANGLOIS, b. 20 Jun 1806 at St. Eustache, d. 17 Jul 1816 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    8. Marie LANGLOIS, b. 14 Jun 1807 at St. Eustache, d. 18 Aug 1807 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    9. Adelaide LANGLOIS, b. 11 Sep 1809 at St. Eustache, d. 6 Dec 1809 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    10. Theotiste LANGLOIS, b. 10 Oct 1810 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]

The Maurice or La Fantasie Family

Claude MAURICE, m. Marie Madeleine DOUMOUCHEL. [ref. 22b]
  1. Charles MAURICE, b. 31 Jan 1700 in Terrebonne County, Quebec, m. Marie Anne PAQUET (bur. 23 Jan 1835 at St. Eustache), d. 9 Jan 1797 at Ste. Adele, Terrebonne County. [ref. 22b]
    1. Marie Anne MAURICE dit LA FANTASIE, b. 1797 at St. Eustache, m. 21 Feb 1819 at St. Eustache, Jean Baptiste or Felix PRESSEAU, bur. 17 Feb 1873 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]

The Morgenstern Family

Carl MORGENSTERN, b. in Germany, m. Marie VRAT (b. in Germany). [ref. 2,4]
  1. Ferdinand F. "Fred" MORGENSTERN, b. (Jan 1846 in ref. 4, age 47 on 31 Jan 1895 in ref. 2) at Busenloublingen, Germany, m. 4 Feb 1895 at Missoula, Marie Eleonore LAFLEUR, d. 9 Sep 1910 at his home on Toole Avenue, Missoula, funeral 12 Sep 1910 in Lucy's chapel, Missoula, bur. 12 Sep 1910 at St. Mary's cemetery, Missoula. A "well-known Missoula old-timer" (ref. 18). Immigrated to the United States in 1889, naturalized by 1900. In 1895, living at Missoula. In 1900, a farmer, living at Frenchtown, Missoula County, with his wife Eleonore, son Fred, Eleonore's children Josephine, Leontine, Charles, and Ralin, and a workman. In 1907, postal address R.F.D. No. 2, Missoula. In 1909, residence 914 Toole Avenue, Missoula. In 1910, living at 914 Toole Avenue with his wife Eleonore, son Fred, and stepson Ralin. [ref. 2,4,10,13,15,16,18]
    1. Fred F. "Ferdie" MORGENSTERN, b. Dec 1895 in Montana, m. Veronica "Vernie" (b. ca. 1899, d. 19 Jul 1970 in Silver Bow County), d. 22 Feb 1973 in Deer Lodge County. In 1900 and 1910, living with his parents. In 1920, a copper miner, living at 901½ N. Main Street, Centerville, next door to his half sister Mary COMO, with his wife Veronica and son Fred. [ref. 4,5,7,13,18,24]
      1. Fred MORGENSTERN, b. ca. Jul 1917 in Montana. In 1920, living with his parents. Lived in Great Falls. Had two sons. [ref. 5,7]
      2. Alice MORGENSTERN, m. HARRINGTON. Had one daughter and three sons. [ref. 7]
      3. Eleanore MORGENSTERN, m. Dan SULLIVAN. Had no children. [ref. 7]

The Presseau Family

Note: Ref. 22b has copious information on other branches of this family.

Fabien PRESSEAU, m. Helene ENAUD dit BOTTE. The third of his five children was . . . [ref. 22b]

Jean Enaud PRESSEAU, b. 21 Jun 1689 at St. Pierre, Quebec, chr. there 24 Jun 1689, m. 7 Nov 1712 at Beauport, Quebec, Angelique HUPPE, d. 16 Nov 1721 at St. Pierre, bur. there 17 Nov 1721. The third of his five children was . . . [ref. 22b]

Jean Baptiste Prejean PRESSEAU, b. and chr. 22 Sep 1717 at St. Pierre, m1. 1 Feb 1740 at St. Francois, Quebec, Marie LABELLE, m2. Genevieve BRASSEAU, d. 11 Jan 1834 at St. Eustache. The eighth of his 11 children by Marie (he had none by Genevieve) was . . . [ref. 22b]

Jean Baptiste PRESSEAU, b. 1755 at Ste. Rose, chr. 21 Mar 1755 at St. Eustache, m. 3 Nov 1778 at St. Eustache, Marie Charlotte LAHAIE or LAHAYE, bur. 11 Jan 1834 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]

  1. Marie Ursule PRESSEAU, b. ca. 1782 at St. Eustache, m. 24 Jun 1803 at St. Eustache, Joseph ETHIER. [ref. 22b]
  2. Veronique PRESSEAU, b. 2 Apr 1786 at Ste. Rose. [ref. 22b]
  3. Marie Appoline PRESSEAU, b. ca. 1788 at St. Eustache, d. 29 Nov 1793 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
  4. Rosalie PRESSEAU, b. 21 Jan 1790 at Ste. Rose. [ref. 22b]
  5. Marie Marguerite PRESSEAU, b. 3 Apr 1792 at St. Eustache, d. 21 Apr 1792 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
  6. Jean Baptiste or Felix PRESSEAU, chr. 19 Jan 1794 at St. Eustache, m. 21 Feb 1819 at St. Eustache, Marie Anne MAURICE dit LA FANTASIE[ref. 22b,23c]
    1. Domathilde PRESSEAU or PRÉZEAU, b. 8 Dec 1819 at St. Eustache, m. 17 Oct 1842 at St. Eustache, Sévère LAFLEUR dit BIROLEAU, d. 30 Jul 1902 at St. Eustache, bur. 1 Aug 1902 at St. Eustache. [ref. 4,8,22b,23c,26]
    2. Baptiste Felix PRESSEAU, b. 23 Jul 1821 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
    3. Clotilde PRESSEAU, b. 19 Jan 1823 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
    4. Timothie PRESSEAU, b. 12 Mar 1825 at St. Eustache, d. 20 Aug 1825 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    5. Marie Theotiste PRESSEAU, b. 16 Jul 1826 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    6. Adelphine PRESSEAU, b. 29 Jun 1829 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]
    7. Rose Anne PRESSEAU, b. 2 Jan 1831 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b,23c]
  7. Pascal PRESSEAU, b. 26 Mar 1796 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]

The Sauve Family

Baptiste SAUVE, m. Marie Josette PROULX.
  1. Marie Anne SAUVE, m. 3 Mar 1794 at St. Eustache, Jean Baptiste LANGLOIS, bur. 9 Nov 1810 at St. Eustache. [ref. 22b]


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