Will of John Orford of Manchester (1830)

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Orford of Manchester in the County of Lancaster Esquire. First I direct all my just Debts, funeral Expenses, and the Charges of proving this my Will to be paid as soon as conveniently after my Death. and I give to Miss Emily Dobbs, Miss Louisa Dobbs, and Miss Ruth Dobbs, a legacy of one hundred pounds each to be paid as soon as convenient after my Death, and as to all other my property both real and personal, I give and devise the same to my Brother Richard Orford of Marple in the County of Chester Esquire, and my son Richard Orford Holte of Torkington Lodge in the said County of Chester Esquire, their heirs and assigns, Upon Trust to convert the whole thereof (not consisting of money) into money, and for that purpose I give them all necessary powers of sale and conveyance and declare that all receipts for money given by them in relation thereto shall effectively discharge any purchasers thereof from all Liability as to its application; and as to the money to arise by such sale, and that now forming part of my personal Estate, I direct my said Trustees, to pay such part of the Interest and produce thereof, as they may find necessary, in the Education and maintenance of my two children Charles Wyatt Orford, and Sophia Emily Orford, and it is my will that the bringing up of my said two children, shall be entrusted to the said Emily Dobbs, Louisa Dobbs, and Ruth Dobbs. And as to the Principal of all the said produce and monies, with any accumulation arising therefrom, I give the same to my said two children Charles Wyatt Orford and Sophia Emily Orford in equal Shares to be paid to the said Charles on his attaining the Age of twenty one years, and the share of the said Sophia Emily, to be paid to her, on her marriage, or on her attaining the age of twenty one years, or otherwise settled, upon her, or any husband she may marry, or her children, or any of them, as my said Trustees may find expedient or deem proper. And in Case of the Death of either of them under age, and without Children, the whole to go to the Survivor. And I direct my said Trustees to place out the money that may come to their Hands under this my Will, on such good Security as they may think proper, and to call in and vary the same, and I declare that they shall not be liable to any Loss that may arise thereby, and that all Expences incurred by them shall be reimbursed them out of my Estate; and for as much as my eldest son the said Richard Orford Holte is amply provided for I have thought it right to dispose of my property as above mentioned but I give him my said eldest son, the legacy of one hundred pounds as a proof of my affection for him; and in Case both my said Children the said Charles Wyatt Orford and Sophia Emily Orford shall die before they attain the age of twenty one years without issue I give all my said property intended for them to my said son Richard Orford Holte absolutely forever. And I appoint the said Richard Orford and Richard Orford Holte Executors of this my Will In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and seal this Twenty first Day of April one thousand eight hundred and thirty.

John Orford

Signed, sealed, and Delivered by the within named John Orford as and for his will in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our Names as Witnesses.

A.H. Reardon, Lt. 22d Foot
Ann Thompon
Matilda Boston

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