Daniel Morgan


My family history research, including a clickable family tree and a one-name study of the surname Sercombe.

Middle Welsh

The online version of Reading Middle Welsh, a textbook written by my father, Gareth Morgan.

Making Cider

It's easy to brew your own cider. My recipe and some of my bottle labels.

Pelagius Press

The family publishing house for Athos 60 and (one of these days) The Black Sheep.

Sunday Shakespeare

Information about a weekly playreading group, with advice on forming your own group and casting instructions for each of Shakespeare's plays.


My page about contract bridge, including unusual deals I've played and some ideas I've had about bidding.

Dr. Soda

The ever less authoritative Authoritative Doctor Soda Page. For archival purposes, if any.

Smarties Song

A former coworker of mine once persuaded her Canadian friend to sing this delightful song into her voicemail.

Family Links

The webpages of my mother - sister - nephew.

Email and Résumé

You can reach me at daniel.f.morgan@gmail.com. This résumé is several years out of date.

Background Image

Rainbow trout at the state fish hatchery, Spokane, in June 1999.