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Athos 60
by Gareth Morgan

"Even the sea-gulls that swoop in from the Aegean are all male -- if a female is so rash as to approach the shore, she plummets dead to the rocks at the edge of the sea."

This is the story that old monks still tell, not very seriously. For over a thousand years, no woman has been allowed to set foot on the peninsula of Athos. The Holy Mountain is called "The Garden of the Holy Virgin", but it is the ultimate stronghold of an all-male community.

Now the Holy Mountain is prospering again. The monasteries are full of young monks; roads, radios, telephones have come; cruise ships are a part of everyday life.

But when the author visited Athos in 1960 the community was at the lowest ebb of its fortunes. This journal records some moments of an era already gone.

1994, 125 pages, includes a map and a brief bibliography, $10.95

The Black Sheep
by Joan Morgan

The title refers to the author's Aunt May, eldest daughter of a respectable upper-middle-class English family. Born in 1890, May was disowned as a teenager when she became pregnant by an unknown father. Her very existence was hidden from her niece for many years.

This is the story of May's tragic life and the dramatic changes she and her sisters lived through from before World War I until the present.

The story is accurate where the truth is known, imagined where the truth remains hidden.

May never married and is believed to have had at least four children. The eldest died of consumption as a young child. The fate of the others is unknown.

1999, verse, 18 pages, $4.95