Galileo Base

Hypercom: online.
Queue size: zero.
Comlink sync... established.
Username: ajenkins
Password: ************
Verified. Standby for download...

Briefing Orders

24th Regiment, 1st Battalion, Bravo Company
"Jenkins' Juggernauts"
Medium Assault Company
CPT A. Jenkins, commanding

187th Regiment, 1st Battalion, Alpha Company, Delta Squad
"Gardner's Ghosts"
Light Stealth Squad
1LT M. Gardner, commanding

Captain Jenkins, Lieutenant Gardner,

FSA Outpost Galileo is a deep-space R&D facility. Due to naval action in the nearby Andares system, we believe that the usual naval picket at Galileo Base has been severely depleted. High Command wishes to know what research is being conducted at Galileo, and if possible, to liberate some of their material for further study. Field observations have indicated that the FSA is using a new kind of jumpdrive in their jumpships. We believe that the relatively flat part of space that Galileo is in is conducive to hyper experiments and trials. It is possible that Galileo is indeed working on jumpship tech; if so, CISRL should be able to deduce their new capabilities if we can obtain datastores on them.

Full orders en route; LTC Hopwell will brief you in person.

Briefing ends.


Download complete.
Terminating connection... done.



CPT P. Ellis
Scientist, RAF project

MAJ D. Green
Department Scientist, RAF project

COL R. Forrest
Program Manager, RAF project

BRIG GEN B. Kenderson
Chief Scientist, Galileo Base

Gentlemen! How're we doing today?
Ah, Colonel, hello--
Hey, Colonel.
--we're doing very well, sir.
So, progress report.
Yessir. Our last test was last night; we're still doing analysis. Time to live is still short: only a few minutes at full operating strength, but we can stretch that out to a few hours if we keep neural activity to a minimum. In this--
Excuse me, Major. Do you have the chart on this one?
Yessir, I was just getting around to that one. As you can see, sir, we have 2 full standard devs, getting close to three, really--
I'm reading this as barely more than two.
Yessir, but we think we can up that to 2.4, no, sorry, 2.5, maybe 2.6. Ellis is working on that now, uh, doing analysis, but I don't think...
Not even close to ready, Colonel.
Quite alright, Ellis, carry on.
I interrupted you before, Major. Sorry about that. You were saying?
Uh, yessir, I was saying that if we keep neural activity to a minimum, then we can extend viability for several hours. This one went until until oh seven twelve this morning.
But now we come back to Kenderson's conundrum-with-a-k: will it survive jump?



Galileo Base is set in the PD/FSA universe and is being run by Stardragon Enterprises (Dave Leung). Game is Sunday, 13 February 2005, 1-5pm; applications are now being accepted. There are no plans to run this game again.

Postscript blurbs are available: the PD and FSA version.


Stardragon Enterprises Dave Leung