Welcome to the PD/FSA universe.

The PD/FSA universe is a fictional futuristic space-marines universe. By creating it from whole cloth, we can be freed from precedents in other universes (e.g., Aliens or Starship Troopers). Unsurprisingly, many elements from those universes appear in the PD/FSA universe, but the presence of one element does not imply the existence of anything else from that universe.

In general, the PD/FSA universe is human-only. No alien contact has been made. Combat occurs mostly between shocktroopers: while there is some naval combat, space is big, and so it's easy to avoid combat (and avoid detection).

Many people have asked where I (dcltdw) got the idea for the universe. Mostly, it's a melange of things, although the core seed was Insurrection by David Weber.


Game   GM Team   Run Dates
PD: Academy Albanian Heavy Industries 17 July 2004, 30 October 2004
FSA: OCS Albanian Heavy Industries 6 November 2004
Galileo Base Stardragon Enterprises Early Spring 2005?


Year   Publisher   Date
864/3064 Albanian Heavy Industries October 2004
865/3065 Stardragon Enterprises in progress; will probably be folded into expanded 864/3064


Standard Rules, as of Nov 8, 2004.


Red and sky blue camo t-shirts, 50% cotton/50% polyester, from Sky-blue shirts (FSA) are $7.98; red shirts (PD) are $10.95.

PD/FSA stainless steel travel mug from cafepress ($14.99), should you be silly, stupid, or addicted enough to want one. (Dave likes to think he's just very enthusiastic about the universe. Please don't pop his little idealistic bubble.)


GMs are welcome to write in the PD/FSA universe, but we need to coordinate in order to keep consistency. Please send mail to pd-fsa-gms and we'd be happy to help. After all, we'd like to play in this universe, too.

Team   Members
Albanian Heavy Industries Jim Waldrop, Dave Leung, Clint Lohse
Stardragon Enterprises Dave Leung

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