Heartland of Alabama

Caveat Emptor

This is an experimental game in meta issues. Mostly this means that your desires for who you wish to play with and who you wish to avoid will only be lightly taken under advisement. You should expect that your teams will change during the course of the game.

Also, there is a very blurry line between PCs and NPCs in this game. Depending on in-game events, you may be relegated to an NPC-like role.

If you are ill-suited to either of the above, you may not want to apply.

The Somewhat Unusual Team

If you: then you may want to sign up for the Somewhat Unusual Team. The Somewhat Unusual Team will not be playing the full duration of the game. No further details are being disclosed at this time. If you sign up for that team, you'll get more of an update later.

Game Details

In case you missed it, the blurb.


It's possible there's something I should know about. If so, tell me here:

Heartland of Alabama is being written and run by Stardragon Enterprises, who is Dave Leung. Heartland is set in the Angels and Blades universe; credits to Jim Waldrop, Dave Leung, and Clint Lohse.

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