Daniel E. Brown

I'm a mechanical and electrical engineer. My research interests are in aerospace, autonomous vehicles, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Human Side of Tesla Autopilot: Exploration of Functional Vigilance
Fridman, Brown, Kindelsberger, Angell, Mehler, Reimer, Under Review (2019)
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MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study: Large-Scale Deep Learning Based Analysis of Driver Behavior and Interaction with Automation
Fridman, Brown, Glazer, Angell, Dodd, Jenik, et al., IEEE Acces (2019)
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Road Curvature with Tesla Autopilot: Difference in Approach between Human and Machine
Brown, Fridman, Kindelsberger, Glazer, Reimer,
Observed Differences in Lane Departure Warning Responses during Single-Task and Dual-Task Driving: A Secondary Analysis of Field Driving Data
McWilliams, Brown, Reimer, Mehler, Mehler, SAE Technical Papers (2016)
| PDF |
Detecting Road Surface Wetness from Audio: A Deep Learning Approach
Abdić, Fridman, Marchi, Brown, Angell, Reimer, Schuller, IEEE Signal Processing (2016)
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Automated Synchronization of Driving Data Using Vibration and Steering Events
Fridman, Brown, Angell, Abdić, Reimer, Noh, Pattern Recognition Letters (2016)
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An on-road study involving two vehicles: observed differences between an auditory and haptic lane departure warning system
Brown, Reimer, Mehler, Dobres, Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (2015)
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RIDER: Real-time Intelligent Driving Environment Recorder
Data logger designed for the MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology Study
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Computer vision based bicycle saftey system (ABAS)
MIT $100K Business Plan Competition
SAE - SuperMileage Vehicle Competition
Obtained 1010 miles per gallon with engineered engine and chassis modifications
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Nixie Tube Clock
Built Nixie tube clock from Cold War era components