Prototype Status

Hardware [DONE]

Obtained, installed, all is well.


Finish date: 2779.239
Tech Cap: 5
Started around "Books of Madness" and "GODWyrm".


WeekAceHWilson TotalSookBought
1201 32Mind, Mind
2100 11Tech
31X1 21Mind
41XX 11Mind
51X1 21Mind
60XX 01Tech
71X1 21Tech
81XX 11Tech
91X1 21Tech
100XX 01Body
111X1 21Body
121XX 11Body
131X1 21Body
142XX 22Body
151X1 22-
161XX 11-
171X1 22-
181XX 11-
191X1 21-
202XX 21-
212X1 32-
220XX 01-
23101 22-
2410X 11-
25111 32-
26X1X 11-

The Plan:

Shoot for Tech Level 5. This takes one year. While Mind and Reliability are the highest priority and Body is the lowest, we might as well shoot for 5's in everything, since there are 52 weeks in the year, and we should max out all our stats in 15 weeks, assuming one success per week. Wonder what a body stat does for an AI kept in a giant box in the corner.


"They have no use for body stats, unless they're attached to a large machine. PreMind is the most often used stat. StrMind is used for hacking defense and perception, so pretty useful. Edu I don't use a lot, but could be useful. Tech depends on what schticks it has and whether they run off Tech. (If you hack me, I get a free StrMind roll to resist, plus PreMind as my "dicey" action if I want to use it to defend.) To fight hackers, you're going to want to get PreMind as high as you can. Then I sould say StrMind, then it sort of depends."
"Totally depends on schticks. Reliability is generally great, and probably also applies if someone zaps him with some feedbacky thing. But Pre or Str depends on schticks. I have no sense at all of how Pre/Str of Tech works, as it has never ever been displayed in game. I would suggest throwing out some schticks and scenarios to the GMs. Isn't it the case that you're going to find stats capped and that you'll be fairly able to build up to those caps fairly easily?"


Then, start writing the AI code. You can make a roll per week (Pre of Mind), using Computer Programming and AI. However, you can only use as much Computer Programming as you have AI. You're rolling for a target number of sixteen, and you need five (cumulative, not at once). Other people can help you with the roll; their computer programming skill caps at their AI skill as well. For every 2 succeses (for 9's) a helper gets, you can have +1 skill to your roll.

For each success you get on a roll in which you did *not* previously get a failure, you can spend a creation point on the prototype, keeping in mind the tech stat cap; for AIs, this is also a cap on the Mind stat. (Don't bother buying it any body. :) )

Five successes is the minimum you need for a working prototype, but you can keep going in this phase for as long as you want, if you want to get it more stats before you start teaching it skills.



I'd also like to try to program it with being ok with being destructively tested. You know, it's happy being useful and that's its use.
Skill points in Placid. (Remaining calm under pressure, making will rolls to self destruct, etc.) If you want it to have schticks, the best thing to do is buy it skills that will support that schtick. IE If you fill it with nothing but piloting skills, it will probably acquire a piloting schtick or two when it spends it's points after naming.


Once you've finished building its stats, you start teaching the proto-AI skills. You can attempt to teach it ten SP of skills per week. For each skill you attempt, when you're aiming to teach them Level N of that skill, make

  1. a successful skill roll for N 7s with that skill, by the teacher
  2. a successful AI roll for N 7s, by the programmer (can be same)
  3. a successful skill roll for N 7s using the AI stats. (can use reliability)

You can teach it skill you don't have, but you do need references in that case.

Once you've failed to teach a level of skill, you can't teach that skill any longer. You can still teach it moderately similar skills, but not nigh-identical skills with the same name (i.e. if you fail to teach it Strong Willed, don't try and teach it Willpower instead).

Note that Hippocrates has a lot of skills which are "DB: Foo" instead of "Foo" - these are generally one point cheaper than the general skill, but do not allow you to actually *do* anything, just *think* things. They are often appropriate for AIs. :)



Once it's reached 50 skill points, it will choose its name, and start investigating further skills on it's own.

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