1337 Master Sook

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So the idea here is that there is an in game section, and an out of game section. The in game bit has documents and stuff that other characters could find in game, like the contents of Sook's Public directory. The out of game part has stuff about Sook or me that isn't given in character. For example, if Sook's being cranky, I might put in the out of game part "Sook's in a bit of a mood this week." It wouldn't go in the in game section, because she's not going around writing or saying that. Get it? Nifty.

In Game

Sook's Public Directory Sook's Restricted Directory (Provisional Crew Members Only) Sook's Even More Restricted Directory (Sook, Hippocrates, Ace, Wilson)

Out Of Game

Player: Marleigh Norton
Email: marleigh@mit.edu

Pronunciation: "Sook" rhymes with "look"

Sook is not often seen around the ship. She hangs out in the Computer Core almost exlusively. She's got a mattress and blankets on the floor, and a spare auto-chef with food packets. When she's monitoring the conversation in the common room, she puts a little icon of Chibi Sook-chan in the bottom corner of the main screen. It's animated, and will play hopscotch and things, as well as scramble out of the way of any pictures or text displayed on the screen. (Mechanically, I usually monitor the zephyr class, though not closely. When I log in, you can assume Sook-chan appeared on the main screen, and she disappears when I log out. I'll try to send zephyrs to the class, but I don't always remember.)

Sook has a tatoo on her left upper arm of a hand with a pair of squiggles next to it, like a wavy equals sign. She's also been acting a bit more contemplative lately.

Post Summer Rerun (2788.250ish)
Sook has a spiffy new laptop when she comes back from Tinara, as well as a pair of dingleboppers, which are those wacky little headbands with two ornaments on the ends of springs like antenna. She's got a few sets of ornaments, including sparkly balls and butterflies.

"Imaginary Friends I" (2779.212)
Sook has a koala bear named "Tsugi". It's so cute you could die.

"Imaginary Friends II" (2779.218)
Sook is working on something very single-mindedly. She's more reclusive than usual. Not an avoiding people kind of thing, more of the very busy kind of thing. Even on the rare occasions when you see her in the hall, she's got that look like she's not paying attention to the world around her.

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