"Vertak" - Ruehan and Ace travel back in time to Ruehan's homeworld and must influence events to insure Ruehan's mission to the linked worlds happens.
"Ace, can we not fly inside the gun?" - Max, Battle Plans
Bastion jumpgate

21 December 2003
Rumor has it the cast is having a holiday party today. We hope to have pictures.

27 October 2003
New DVD release / Boxed set coming soon! Volume Two of Oath's second season is now available on DVD. Also coming soon: Season 1 boxed set. See which episodes are available

21 October 2003
Hippocratic Oath nominated for 6 Jupiter Awards. [Read more.]

31 July 2003
Entertainment Weekly Interviews Rosalind Martin about joining the cast of Hippocratic Oath. [Read more.]

Novels - 14 Jul 2003
Paramount has announced a list of current and upcoming novels in the Hippocratic Oath Universe.

27 May 2003
Entertainment Weekly Interviews Marleigh Norton about possible Oath Spin-Off: H4X0RZ. [Read more.]


6 February 2004
The old data is almost certainly lost. The Forums themselves will eventually be back. You'll probably all have to recreate your login IDs, etc. Again, apologies.

2 February 2004
There was a hard disk crash over the weekend and the Forums are currently down. I don't know how much data loss there has been. I'll post more when I know more. Sorry.

21 December 2003 Okay, we're live!

9 Sep 2003 - The "Cast" Page is now all blocked out, format chosen based on opinions of everyone who gave one. It still needs content, and better pictures for some of the cast. It also needs bios and formatting for bios.

31 Jul 2003 - okay, started messing with the Cast page, inspired by receiving bios from Zanzibar and Rose. Here are a couple variations on that theme [1, 2] What colors do people like? other Comments? Drop me a line... (I'll get better pictures.)

21 Jul 2003 - Just threw up the bios off the cast page, though they're still mostly unformatted. Also, check out the character icons now available for the forums.

14 Jul 2003 - Gunmetal gray table borders. Some imags now on the Downloads page.

11 Jul 2003 - The top navigation links now do things (though all but "Forums" and "Store" are uninteresting). Also, some spiffy new graphics for the words, though they may need to get made smaller.

25 May 2003 - This show is too cool and needs a fan site!

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Hippocratic Oath stars nominated for 2003 Jupiter Awards
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