A Paper Abstract by Benjamin Grosof

Building Commercial Agents: an IBM Research Perspective (Invited Talk)

by Benjamin N. Grosof

This talk presents our experience at IBM in building commercial agents, including philosophy, market opportunities, tools, applications, lessons, and future research directions. IBM has released reusable tools for building agents, including Agent Building Environment based on our group's research. IBM has also built practical intelligent agents applications in e-commerce shopping, customer service, mail, news, and Web information, based in part on our group's research. Agent Building Environment ``situates'' reasoning by augmenting it with clean and dynamic procedural attachments for perception and action. It is especially useful to enhance ``information-flow'' applications with agents that not only find and filter information items, but also categorize, save, and selectively disseminate them. Some of our latest research responding to practical building lessons includes: conflict handling; learning from observation of users; and learning from inter-agent knowledge-level communication. (The following paper body corresponds mainly to the portion of the talk that focuses on our group's research. It was created by revising and integrating material available on our Web pages.)
Last update: 1-8-98
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