A Paper Abstract by Benjamin Grosof

Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty: Comments (1990)

by Benjamin N. Grosof

Abstract and Overview

The following comments are two-part: some critical discussion of each paper in the ``Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty'' section (of the book; originally the session of the Workshop) ; and brief remarks on the section topic. (They were originally presented orally at the Workshop, as a conclusion to the session in which the papers in this section were presented.)

Broadly conceived, the session topic was the relationship between logical non-monotonicity (i.e., defeasibility) and uncertainty. There are at least two different perspectives on this relationship. The first view is that uncertainty is, intuitively, a source of semantic constraints for non-monotonic reasoning. Goldszmidt and Pearl (this volume) are concerned with qualitative, general constraints. Bonissone et al (this volume), by contrast, are concerned with quantitative, particular constraints. Other recent work from this viewpoint includes (Geffner 1988) (Pearl 1988) (Neufeld & Horton, this volume).

The second view is that uncertain reasoning itself has a non-monotonic aspect. Loui (this volume) is concerned with this issue. Other recent work from this viewpoint includes (Grosof 1988) (Loui 1987) (Bacchus, forthcoming).

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