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Dr. Benjamin Grosof is a senior research scientist, in computer software, at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. He leads the Business Rules for Electronic Commerce project. The project has been developing new fundamental techniques for business rules interoperability, including an XML interlingua, and for conflict handling. The project has also been developing pilot applications for these fundamental techniques: in catalogs & storefronts, negotiations, security authorization & trust management, and finance. As part of this, he leads a major portion of the $29 Million EECOMS NIST match-funded ATP project, a 3-year industry consortium project in intelligent agent-based manufacturing supply chain integration, led by IBM, also including Baan, Boeing, TRW, several universities, and some smaller companies.

His areas of expertise include, more broadly, the practice and theory of intelligent agents, especially for large-scale electronic commerce, as well as fundamentals of reasoning and learning. He led research design, productization, and application piloting of IBM's Agent Building Environment (in release 1996-98), a pioneering effort in practical intelligent agents including for mail, news, customer service, and manufacturing workflow. He has been at IBM Research since 1988, working primarily on the intersection of knowledge representation and software engineering.


Areas of expertise include: intelligent agents, electronic commerce, business rules, and conflict handling for rules, as well as fundamentals of reasoning and learning.

Leads effort in business rules for electronic commerce, including new fundamental techniques in business rules interoperability and conflict handling, exploring several pilot applications including supply chains. Has pioneered practical intelligent agents. Led research design and productization of IBM's Agent Building Environment (in release 1996-98), as well as piloting of its applications.

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