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banitza Upcoming banitza

  • Bulgarian March Celebrations, March 2018, stay tuned!

  • Email us if you have questions!

banitza Past banitza

Fall 2017

  • December 8th Students' Day, December 16, 2017

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

  • Bulgarian Student party, December 8th, Fall 2016

  • Bulgarian Independence day and Welcome party, September 25nd, Fall 2016

Spring 2016

  • Bulgarian Orthodox Easter, May 1st, 2016

  • Bulgarian March Celebrations, Spring 2016

A celebration incorporating three holidays: March 3rd, March 1st, and March 8th.

Fall 2015

  • December 8th is Students' Day, Fall 2015

  • Independence day Sept 22nd and Welcome party, Fall 2015

Spring 2015

  • St George's Day, May 6 2015

  • May 6th is St George's Day and it is a national holiday. We will celebrate it with a picnic with salads, baked lamb, deserts, and games!

  • Bulgarian Orthodox Easter, April 12, 2015

  • Bulgarian March Celebrations, 2015

  • our traditional celebration incorporating three Bulgarian holidays: March 3rd, March 1st, and March 8th.

    Fall 2014

  • Bulgarian Student Day Selebrations, Dec 8th, 2014

  • Independence Day, Sept 22 - Welcome Party

  • We are celebrating Sept 22nd, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. It will be a Welcome party for the new students! Join us in the Warehouse, Colbert room, for kufteta, banitza, salads, deserts, and Bulgarian music and dances! come at the Warehouse, Colbert room

    Spring 2014

  • Bulgarian March Celebrations

  • We are celebrating three holidays: March 1st, a day symbolizing the coming spring. On this day, people in Bulgaria exchange "martenitsi": red and white thread in various shapes. March 3rd: National Liberation Day March 8th: International Women's Day

Fall 2013

  • Welcome Party

  • This is a beginning of the semester event to welcome new students to the Bulgarian club. We will have a picnic in the Ashdown courtyard with Bulgarian food and games. We are also celebrating September 22: Bulgarian Independence Day.

    September 22 (Sunday), 1:00-4:30pm.

    Ashdown courtyard (in case of rain: Ashdown 5th floor kitchen)

    Spring 2013

    • Bulgarian Summer Cultural Night, July 27th

    • An evening of Bulgarian music and summer Bulgarian food specialties. Join us for both traditional dancing and contemporary music. We will have home-made snacks and main dishes.
    • Bulgarian Liberation Day Celebration

    • A celebration incorporating three holidays: March 3rd, March 1st, and March 8th. March 3rd is the National Holiday of Bulgaria, Liberation Day. On March 3rd 1878, the Treaty of San Stefano restored Bulgarian freedom after 5 centuries of Ottoman rule. This marked the beginning of modern-day Bulgaria. March 1st is an ancient holiday that is still widely popular in the country. It is associated with the beginning of the spring and is celebrated in a unique way. Bulgarians exchange and wear "martenitsi." Martenitsi are red and white threads weaved into bracelets, tassels, or figures, which according to an old pagan tradition bring health and happiness. Bulgarians wear martenitsi until they see a sign of the coming spring season, such as blooming trees. March 8th is the International Women's Day, which is widely celebrated in Bulgaria.

      When: March 10 (Sunday), 2:00pm. As always, come earlier if you want to help.

      Where: Ashdown (NW35)

      RSVP here to be on the Guest List so you can enter Ashdown

    • Bulgarian Movie Night

    • Join us for a screening of a beloved Bulgarian movie.

      When: March 13 (Wednesday), 8:00pm.

      Where: Senior House, apt 333 (E2-333)

      RSVP here to be on the Guest List so you can enter Senior House

    • Bulgarian Holiday of Viticulture (Februrary 14)

    • February 14th is an ancient holiday celebrated in Bulgarian lands. This is the day of Saint Tryphon, the Eastern Orthodox patron of winemakers and fertility. The holiday has deep pre-Christian roots. Thracians, the ancient inhabitants of Bulgarian lands, were among the first winemakers in Europe. They developed the cult of Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest. Later the same cult was adopted by the Thracian's southern neighbors, the ancient Greeks. Today the Christianized holiday of Saint Triphon is still very popular. It has become the trend among young Bulgarians to celebrate a combination of Saint Tryphon and the foreign Valentine's Day. Both holidays are on the same date, February 14. This is particularly convenient for single people in Bulgaria who don't feel left out of the celebrations on Valentine's Day.

    Fall 2012

    • December 8th: Bulgarian College Students' Day

    • December 8th is the day of all college students. It is a very popular holiday in Bulgaria: students usually go to huts in the mountains for 2-3 days and celebrate: they get a few days off classes. The event will be a gathering in Ashdown with mostly dances and games.

    • Day of National Enlighteners, November 1

    • November 1st is the day of the National Enlighteners. During the National Liberation Movement in the 18th century, the leaders of the movement were educating the Bulgarian people about their history, language, culture and traditions. In this way the notion of a national identity was resurrected. Today, Nov 1st is a National Holiday for all people involved in the field of Education. The event will be a small gathering in Ashdown, with traditional food and music.
    • Independence Day, September 22

    • Bulgaria was officially proclaimed independent from the Ottoman Empire on Sept 22, 1908 in Tarnovo by Kniaz Ferdinand. We are going to celebrate this in Ashdown, 5th floor kitchen, on Sat 22 at 1pm. There will be food and drinks: maybe some banitza, some kiufteta, and maybe some other surprises. We could also play some table tennis or belot (so we need at least 8 people for a tournament). If the weather is nice, we can go outside.

    Summer 2012

    • Midsummer Festival

    • A summer celebration with a lot of traditional Bulgarian summer dishes - cold yogurt soup (tarator), roasted peppers with garlic, watermelon with bulgarian cheese, salads and grilled bulgarian sausages and patties, all accompanied with Bulgarian folk music and dances.

      Spring 2012

      • Gergiovden (St George's Day)

      • St George's Day is one of the few holidays named after a saint that is accepted and celebrated by everyone in Bulgaria. We are planning on roasting a lamb and cooking rice with liver as a main dish in this traditional St. George's Day dinner. Side dishes and salads are also going to be made.
      • Bulgarian Easter

      • Celebration of the Eastern Orthodox Easter which is one of the most valued holidays in Bulgaria. We will bake Easter bread, dye eggs and have a rich Bulgarian Easter dinner indicating the end of the 40-day Easter lent.
      • Bulgarian Brunch and Games Party

      • Celebration of March 1st: Spring festival with martenitzi, March 3rd: National Liberation Day, March 8th: Women's Day.

      Fall 2011

      Spring 2011

      • iFair

      • ASA Official Recognition of the Bulgarian Club at MIT