Andreea Bobu

B.S. Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Researcher, Medical Vision Group
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
3 Ames Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142. 
abobu at mit dot edu

I am an undergraduate student at MIT, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering. I work in CSAIL with Professors Polina Golland and Stefanie Jegelka. My research interests include Machine Learning and Computer Vision. I have been lucky to work under Adrian Dalca's guidance for the past two years.

Current Main Projects

Representations of Leukoaraiosis in Clinical Brain Images

We analyze leukoaraiosis, a small vessel brain disease, in order to gain important insight into understanding stroke. Specifically, we want to mathematically represent the leukoaraiosis formation pattern as seen in 3D brain images and correlate this representation with stroke outcome.

Patch-Based Discrete Registration of Clinical Brain Images

We introduce a method for registration of brain images acquired in clinical settings. The algorithm relies on three-dimensional patches in a discrete registration framework to estimate correspondences.

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