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I am currently working at Responsys and live in San Francisco, CA.

I graduated in June 2002 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Bachelor's of Science (SB) in Economics . I got very interested in computer science, and then went to at Villanova University, where I received a Master's degree in Computer Science.

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The sections below are somewhat historical at this point.

MIT Groups I am or had been very actively involved with.

I lived on THiRD EAst a hall of East Campus/Fred The Dorm from 1997 to 2001

OLC - Athena Online Consulting
SIPB MIT Student Information Processing Board. It's the volunteer student group concerned with computing at MIT.
LSC Though it's the Lecture Series Committee, its main focus is showing 35mm movies (7 showings every weekend during term). And of course it brings in speakers of interest to the MIT community on a regular basis.
MIT Media Lab
ILTFP - I Love This "" Place. A group of students and alumni concerned about the direction of MIT's policies.
ISO - MIT International Students Office. I try to help out during International Orientation, time permitting.
ISA - MIT International Students Association.


Here are a few projects I've been working on. For longer descriptions, go here
zhm for windows A port of zhm and a large part of libzephyr to WindowsXP, using MinGW
libxindic - a library for adding basic, though correct Indic unicode rendering for X windows
http://alf-mushpie.mit.edu A searchable, querieable database of public zephyr fora.
IMAPmh - An (eventually) mostly complete set of command and option compatible replacements for the Rand MH and NMH mail suites, for use with IMAP mail servers.

Obligatory Links

Computer Software I use or have an interest in

GNU Emacs - Much more than just a text editor
Several distributions based upon the Linux kernel, primarily Debian GNU/Linux and Redhat Linux.
Fetchmail - a pretty nifty mail-retrieval and forwarding utility that I use in my mail setup.
Mutt - The program that I use to read my email.
Zephyr (An authenticated, relatively secure instant messanging system developed by MIT for use with Project Athena), and
VT - A text based MUD client with support for zephyr
Pidgin (formerly Gaim) - A multiprotocol instant messenging client for Unix and Windows.

Technical/Political News/Discussion forums

Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff that matters. Its web forum has too high of a noise to signal ratio though.

General News Sources

Google News
BBC News
The Times Of India
New York Times
Rediff Online

Gratuitous Links

Inessential zephyr
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