I'm working on some stuff. I'll be putting the source up RSN.


A library for transparently adding basic, though currect Indic rendering support to existing X Windows applications without recompilation, relinking, or installation of modified X libraries. It works by using the ld_preload facility of the system dynamic linker (ld.so on Linux) to load modified versions of some Xlib functions in place of the system Xlib functions. It currently works for Devanagari and Tamil, and appears to work for Bengali, Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Malayalam, and Oriya. I don't actually know these scripts and am going by descriptions gleamed from the web, and similarity to the above two scripts. There is no code for Kannada and Telugu, as I'm not sure what exactly would be required for a minimalistic rendering. I'll try to add support for the Myanmar and Sinhala scripts at some point, and possibly Tibetan, though it seems to have much more complicated rules, and sets of stacked consonants.

Bugs: Programs ld_preloaded with this library are very unstable, and crash regularly, which is why this is pre-alpha software. More seriously, many programs make gratuitous use of Xlib functions, and cause reordering to occasionally not happen. This might necessitate a lower level rewrite, when I get time to finish reading up on X. Here's the project page, and here's the source

Miscellaneous fonts

I've found that I've had to recode fonts at various points. Mozilla's CTL (Complex Text Language?) support for Devanagari, written by a Sun employee and using sun.unicode.india-0 encoded fonts. However, I haven't been able to find any fonts in this encoding. So I wrote my own, based on the Mozilla source, using glyphs from the Pango project's fonts and also from GNU Intlfonts. This is a work in progress, so if you notice any missing or wrong glyphs, let me know.

I plan on creating some ISFOC encoded fonts at some point, since Emacs will be using them for its Devanagari support in the future.


An (eventually) set of drop in replacements for the Rand MH and nmh email suite, using IMAP instead of local mail stores, or at least as much of it as is feasible. It's just been started (as of 2002-11-29) and has very primitive implementations of scan and show written in perl, and requires imtest available with imapd


A few lines of emacs lisp to control xmms from within emacs. Nothing much really.


Yes, emacs-jwgc, not emacs-zwgc. An emacs mode for using the Jabber Instant Messenging system. As you might be able to determine from the name, it uses jwgc as a backend, and is based on (a trivial modification, so far, of) emacs-zwgc.

Indic transliteration filters

A few short perl scripts for accepting translisterated input in the Itrans format, and returning UTF-8 encoded output in the Devanagari, Tamil, or other Indic scripts.

Indic test pages

How well does your browser display Indic glyphs in various scripts? Find out here. And here are the scripts that were used to generate the pages.

Web based zephyr indexer

I have a web form for searching through logs of public zephyr classes in the ATHENA.MIT.EDU zephyr realm, at http://alf-mushpie.mit.edu It currently requires that you be either on MITnet or have MIT personal certificates. Feel free to bug me with feature requests, bug reports, etc.


I use a lot of Free and Open Source software on a daily basis. Actually, I can't think of any software that I use on a daily basis that isn't Free or Open source. When I notice problems or bugs, I try to report them, and send in fixes. This is one of the many reasons why I like Free Software.

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