I attend MIT and, therefore, can be described with Geek Code, which is a way to outline a techie in just a few lines. As its author says, "The Geek Code is a simple way to tell the entire world everything you want them to know about your computer abilities and assimilation level into net.culture."

Version: 3.12
GSB/GCS/GMD d+(-) s++: a-- C++ UL++++ P++ L++ E+ W+++ !N- !o K? w-- O+ M-(+)
!V !PO+ !PE+ Y+ PGP- t+ 5+ X+ !R- tv-- b+++ DI++ D++ G++ e+++> h- r? y?

Category Code Explanation
Type GSB/CS Geek of Biological and Computer Sciences. Geek of Medicine.
Dress d+(-)@ I tend to switch back and forth between good leisure-wear and simply jeans and a t-shirt.
Shape s++: I'm a bit above average height(6'3"): not too fat...yet :)
a-- 20-24 I am getting old and rheumatic. It's nostalgic to look at seventeen year old college freshmen when you're a second year professional student.
Computers C++ Computers are a large part of my existence. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is log myself in (after brushing my teeth, of course :).
Unix/Linux UL++++$ I am the sysadmin. I control the 'shutdown NOW' command :).
Perl P++ Perl is a powerful programming tool. I don't write shell scripts anymore because I write them in Perl.
Linux L++ I use Linux ALMOST exclusively on my system. I welcome the OS as a replacement for DOS. I only boot to DOS to play games.
Emacs E+ Emacs is great! I use version 19 and xemacs.
World Wide Web W+++ I am a WebMaster. My homepage is better viewed with Netscape, but I kept it simple.
USENET News N- USENET News is a waste of my time and I avoid it completely. I get my news in the New York Times.
USENET Oracle !o I have never consulted/emailed a USENET Oracle.
Kibo K? I don't know who Kibo is.
Windows w-- MS Windows is a joke operating system. Hell, it's not even an operating system. 95 is how may times it will crash an hour. UNIX rules!
OS/2 O+ I had OS/2 on my old computer. It was nothing special. I kept a DOS partition on my hard drive "just in case". I was afraid to try HPFS.
Macintosh M-(+) Although I am forced to use Macs because many biology and medical applications are written for them, Macs suck. All real geeks have a character prompt.
VMS V-(-) Unix is much better than VMS for my computing needs. I am forced to use VMS, but I dislike it. UNIX rules.
Political and Social Issues. !PO+ I am actively interested in politicial and social issues, but I'm not going to be labeled as a Democrat or Republican.
Politics and Economic Issues. !PE+ I am actively interested in political and econimics issues, but... (please, see above)
Cypherpunks Y+ I have an interest and concern in privacy issues regarding freedom of speech on the internet, but in reality I am not really all that active or vocal.
PGP PGP- I don't have anything interesting to hide.
Star Trek t+ It's a damn fine TV show and is one of the only things good on television any more.
Babylon 5 5+ Babylon 5 certainly presents a fresh perspective in the Sci-Fi universe. When I have time, I watch it weekly.
X-Files X+ Although I initially didn't like the show, I was converted, and now I watch it when I remember/have time.
Role Playing R- Gosh, what an utter waste of time!
Television tv-- I turn my tv on during natural disasters. I don't have time to watch TV. I watch movies though.
Books B+++ I consume a few books a week as part of a staple diet. Lots of textbooks, too.
Dilbert DI++ I know of people that act a lot like Dilbert and his boss.
Doom! D++ I've played both the shareware and the real version and I'm actually pretty good at the game. I occasionally download PWAD files and play them too. (when I have time)
Geek Code G++ I know what each letter means, but sometimes have to look up the specifics.
Education e+++> Got my MIT Bachelors of Science in Biology. Now working toward my MD.
Housing h- Living with many registered Geeks. After all, this is a dorm.
Relationships r? I'm not about to tell you :)
Sex y? It's none of your business what my sex life is like. This is just to denote my gender. I am against this category of Geek Code.

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