* (approximate ASCII representation of a spider)

Life is like a spider. It is furry and has eight legs.

Welcome to my homepage! I'm going to skip the intro -- you'll figure me out from what you see here. Or not.

A note about the icons on these pages: the small ones in black frames are done by me; I retain all rights on them. If you want to use them, please contact me first. All others are ones I've snarfed off the net; I'm trying to replace them with my own.

Places I visit frequently

Pages I maintain


If you know of a page covering any of these areas that I don't already have, let me know about it.

Pages and pages of stuff

*Neat home pages
Other people's home pages that are cool or otherwise fun.
*Useful references
Handy things to have available.
*Random nifty links
Links off into the depths of the Web.
High level documents
Pages that have pointers to lots of places. These are good places to start exploring.
Work-related links
You'd think that a cool technology like this would give me more time to play with it before I actually found something useful to do on it....

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