July 3, Monday - Moscow/Novgorod

This was a *long* day. On what seems to be the best highway from the capital to the second most major city, we were able to do no more than 85 kilometers per hour, and often less than that. The highway was nothing like the highways that we expect in the US, or that I have seen in Germany and Austria and Ireland. It was bumpy and more like a high-speed country road for most of the trip. The lanes seemed to be about 3 meters wide, significantly smaller than the 12 feet that we use for our lanes, and I was amazed that for most of the trip, the road was a whole three of them wide. The countryside was very generally very flat, and quite pretty. We saw a wide variation in the sizes and qualities of the summer houses and the regular houses that we passed - some were quite large and modern while some were small and rundown. We passed a fair amount of farmland, but I saw little or no indication of any machinery to work the fields, and saw many scythes out there getting very active use.

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