July 2, Sunday - Moscow

I didn't go on the Tretyakov Museum trip because I was too cultured out. I think that the Metro tour wound up being another day, but I'll have to check my photos to be sure. If I remember right, this was the day that we went to the circus, which had not been on the schedule, but was a wonderful extra.

The Circus was quite fun. It was in a small, intimate setting that seems to be the home of the Moscow Circus. The ring was about 30 feet across, and most of our seats were within the first 3 rows, so that we were rarely more than 50 feet from any of the performers. Quick memories about the acts - the walking/dancing bears and chimps were new to me; it was amazing to have an elephant walk along the edge of the ring three rows in front of me; the two young male gymnasts who kept on setting up to do things while I thought "It looks like they are going to do X, but that's not possible" and then *did* X (example - A puts his palms on the floor and raises the rest of his body off the floor, with his legs parallel to the ground and then B does a handstand with his hands on A's *ankles*!!!!); the 9-year-old girl who handled about 20 hula-hoops at one point, and effortlessly flipped ones off her arms where she wanted them to go; the high wire act that set up and did some of it's stuff to Jethro Tull (Orchestral Aqualung, I think).

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